So Sorry?

Look at this ridiculous little jelly of a man.

He’s ‘so sorry’. . .

But ‘so sorry’ for what? ‘So sorry’ for slavery? ‘So sorry’ for his part in it? But he played no part in it. ‘So sorry’ for his forebears part in it? But they played no part in it, either (other than, quite possibly - in his specific case - to end it).

So what is this vapid little cultural harridan ‘so sorry’ for?

Apparently, thanks to the vile pogrom being run by the BBC, he believes he should be ‘so sorry’ for Britain's, his nation’s, ‘role’ (so-called) in the slave trade. . .

What utter bullshit! The problem for our self-hating little lefty is, of course, that his nation’s only role was to end slavery; to uphold liberty; to elevate right over wrong. His nation’s only ‘crime’ was to be the shining beacon of sanity, as it so often was.

It’s so unbelievably typical, though, that the left would find some way to turn this into a ‘wrong’; that it would, yet again, spin the line to the point that white is indeed black. . .

Back to vapid boy; the unpleasant little brat who, like the rest of his mindset, has grasped with both hands the magical PC fairy wand of ‘beat me quick’, and now promotes the notion that his people (and he, we must assume) were evil - and are evil still.

The real caption for this little creep’s T-shirt is a very different one, of course.

It should read: ‘So grateful’.

The fact is, he’d rather choke.

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