The second coming

Did anyone else in Australia, who happened to watch a bit of television last night, notice the David Hicks story? Was it just me or did it seem like Christ was returning, breathless news readers bringing us up-to-the-second coverage, in-between programs, of Hicks appearance before a US military tribunal? On and on it went, he is about to appear, almost there, in hours, not yet, but stay tuned, he may appear, he’s about to appear… er guys I’m running out of one-liners here. It was almost as if Australians around the country were on the edges of their seats, chewing nervously at their finger nails waiting to catch a glimpse of Hicks. Maybe the local media outlets are unaware but it’s really only a few commie latte-sippers who were tossing, turning and fretting last night.

Well this morning, I heard more of this on the radio but turns out it was a waste of space, the fellow appeared and refused to make a plea. So for the last 5 years we have been raked over the coals, we were subjected to endless whining, where is the justice, just bring him home to face a trial, he is entitled to face a court. Yeah it would help if he could, like you know, make up his mind on whether to plead guilty or not. So don’t blame the Bush administration for not trying him, after 5 years he’s now facing a court and still can’t decide, perhaps Gitmo isn’t the North Korean style Gulag we were all led to believe.

Coming back to the reporting of this, well this morning it hadn’t improved much, one reporter gushed that he had long hair and spoke with numerous accents, I think the fool was implying he was speaking with an Arabic accent or something, that’s sure to win over the above mentioned commie latte-sippers. If it had been a French accent they’d have been outside Kirribilli house screaming at Howard ‘to pull the finger out’ and send the bloody SAS to bloody get him back here. I could be wrong on this, but I’m sure the pro-Hicks crowd will soon tell us we have to bring him back before he becomes more radicalized or loses his Australian accent and hence would be a great loss to Australia.

She also let slip that he gained weight and wasn't looking gaunt and hollow as we were told, see we told you stupid commie latte sippers that Gitmo wasn’t all that bad, but did you listen, no like insolent whiny brats you just carried on carping as always.

To cut a long story short, two of his lawyers were kicked out due to a technicality, one was still on civilian status and the other one was just being difficult, he refused to sign a document and had a good whinge about it and stormed off. All in all it was a complete non-event, a waste of space, but stay tuned folks, the left will continue to foist their messiah upon us no matter how boring and uneventful.

News reports here, here and here.

Update (no I'm still on Hicks)

Hicks has pleaded guilty, needless to say leftists will be carping about the unfairness of the trial and all that.

Now can we dispense with the courtroom antics, take him out the back and find a tree, post haste. Now that's an event I'll be on the edge of my seat for.

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