We Lose

What a massive own-goal this is:

THE US House of Representatives has defied President George W. Bush, voting to impose a September 1, 2008, deadline for withdrawing all American combat troops from Iraq.

In a mostly partisan 218-212 vote, House Democrats succeeded in attaching the deadline to legislation authorizing more than $124 billion in emergency funds, mostly for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan this year.

The vote was a significant victory for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California and her fellow Democrats who took control of Congress in last November's elections on a pledge to end the increasingly unpopular war in Iraq.

“We're going to make a difference with this bill. We're going to bring those troops home,” said Rep. John Murtha, his voice cracking with emotion. It's a historic moment for our party and a historic moment for our country,” Pelosi said.
Words are insufficient to describe what a gibbering idiot this woman Pelosi is. Historic moment? It certainly is. It has broadcast to our enemies that the leader of the Western world hasn’t the will to fight anymore (not to mention where its greatest weakness lies); it has shown without a shadow of a doubt that we haven't the will for the hard yards in the face of consummate evil. You’ll see a concerted effort to step up insurgent attacks from this point on [see the update below]. We can only hope the surge will keep their heads down, but the Jihadis and the Ba’athists now see light at the end of the tunnel, thanks to their greatest ally and the gaping great chink in our armour: the Western left.

A resurgent 'insurgent' vigour is pretty much now guaranteed. I won’t even mention how this must affect the morale of the troops on the ground.

All but two House Republicans voted against the legislation, which they say will tie military leaders' hands and contribute to failure in Iraq.
Two gutless weasels.

House Republican leader John Boehner of Ohio warned, “We have no choice but to win. If we fail in Iraq, you'll see the rise even further and faster of radical terrorism all around the world.”

Duncan Hunter, ranking member of the House Armed Services Committee, slammed the bill as being "detrimental to our national security and injurious to our military" because of the August 2008 pullout provision.

"Is there a strategic rationale for this date? Nothing that I have seen on the ground in Iraq - and I was there just 10 days ago - suggests that Congress should force a precipitous withdrawal from Iraq and tie the hands of American military commanders," Mr Hunter said today.
Hunter is right. This has nothing to do with any strategic rationale, other than ensuring failure. Split along two fairly distinct lines, one half of the lot who voted for (or supported) this wants its own country screwed, the other half just wants to screw anything to do with the current POTUS, no matter what the cost. Either way, we’re all screwed.

If the globe had been united in removing a vicious mass-murderer from minute one – as it should have been, if the (hollow) words of bodies such as the UN were to mean anything at all (which they manifestly do not) – the outcome would have been totally different, and another victory against evil and despotism would have been won. The truth is, though, there are many among us who don’t mind mass-murdering tyrants (or mass-murdering, pretty much full stop) in the slightest – as demonstrated by their eager delight at the first opportunity to jump into the partisan point-scoring pit and start tossing marbles into the works. These people (and certain like-minded nations) were and are quite happy to see a creature like Saddam stay precisely where he is, doing more of this.

These moral midgets just don’t have the honesty to admit it.

Update: I’m going to resile from something I’ve said in this post: that there will be an upswing in violence. There won’t be (apart, possibly, from a few isolated attacks). Why should there be? They’ve won. In fact, further attacks of a similar scale would be totally counter-productive, and entirely runs against their long-term strategy (which is what the bombings have been all about). Now will be the time to foster resources for next year, when the Americans pull out. The impression of relative peace will also serve to lull everyone into a false sense of security: ‘See - we were right,’ the leftist dullards - our civilisation's idiot child - will all twitter.

And when the Americans do pull out?

Then it will hit the fan.

And only one guess what you'll be hearing from the Mao-monkeys then. . .

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