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The other day, I posted that, "Any policy or ideology that ends human life and/or hinders human progress will win the quiet support of the left. On ending human life though, they are against ending the lives of mass murderers, rapists, pedophiles etc, simply because if you start hanging pedophiles and mass murderers, that might deter other such scum from doing the same and hence fewer human lives will be destroyed."

At the time I offered proof of this, here, here and here. Well, I found more evidence of 'hindrance to human progress', let me share an article by Melanie Phillips with you.
As part of a drive to admit more students from disadvantaged backgrounds, the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) says applicants will now be asked to declare whether their parents have degrees or other higher education qualifications.
Let me jump in and add to this. If any of us were filling out such an application and knew that the educational standing of our parents would be a disadvantage to us, I’m willing to bet that very few of us would be dumb enough to tell the truth. I’m also willing to bet that the leftists have thought of this already and will find a way to angle in ways to check up on our personal histories. Don’t bother thinking that you have a right to privacy and all that, that’s only in place to protect convicted pedophiles and for hardcore jihadists to plot our downfall in peace.
The ostensible reason is to widen participation at university by compensating for disadvantage and thus creating a level playing field. In effect, it means that if you are unfortunate enough to have white parents who have degrees and good jobs, the university admissions process will be rigged against you. However well-qualified you may be, however hard you have worked and however good your exam grades, you stand to lose your chance of a university place to someone who can tick all the right boxes about their parents’ circumstances.

This, we are told, is necessary to create a fairer society. And why stop at parents? Why not also discriminate against those applicants whose grandparents went to university? Isn’t such third generation advantage even worse?
Once they’re done with your parents, you can bet they’ll be on to your grandpa and grandma as well. Do you know where else the sins of the grandparents are held against their children and their children? That’s right, North Korea, who said leftists don’t like brutal dictatorships.
Clearly, in the interests of diversity and widening participation, the only people who should go to university are the black children of lone alcoholic mothers and fathers who are doing time for drug offences, and who were brought up by illiterate foster parents who sexually abused them in a mobile home up an isolated dirt track in Cumbria.
So how does this fit in with the ‘hindering progress’ bit, well it doesn’t end human life but, Phillips explains.
Not only is it monumentally unfair, but it is also self-defeating. The whole point is supposedly to help people escape from disadvantage in order to succeed in life. But discriminating in this way against those who have succeeded is obviously a powerful disincentive to succeeding in the first place.
Melanie Phillips goes on to explain how the government has, for years, dumbed-down the educational standards and this is just the next step. Here are the results.
Between 2002 and 2005, the proportion of university entrants from state schools and the lowest social classes fell. Social mobility has actually gone backwards as a result of the collapse of educational standards across the board.
See here for the results of a report that was released in November 2006. Basically, up to 3.3 million children are receiving inadequate education in Britain, despite a record spending of 400 billion pounds on education. Mission accomplished.

Unfortunately, for hardcore leftists that is, they can’t establish a North Korean style dictatorship to destroy us humans in the western world. It’s that democracy thing that stands in their way, so they have to do it by stealth and they are. The onus is on us, the public, to examine their policies for what they are and learn from the mistakes of others and our own.

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