Are lefties completely insane?

As if anyone needed further, ongoing, unswerving, unceasing evidence:

MOROCCO and Spain vowed overnight to work together to bore a tunnel under the Strait of Gibraltar to link Africa and Europe. Moroccan experts say the long-mooted 39km rail tunnel would be among the world's most sophisticated engineering works and rival the Channel Tunnel linking England and France.
If they ever have a naming competition, I’ve got the perfect one: ‘The Poop Chute’ (as in, ‘down the’). A few other possible contenders: ‘The Loon Tube’, or how about ‘The Jihadi Hose’ (other entries welcomed).

"We will deploy the necessary effort to achieve this project or at least put it on the right track," Moroccan Prime Minister Driss Jettou said.
I bet they’ll deploy. They have a whole continent’s population to shift, after all.

Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, who completed a two-day official visit to Rabat overnight, shared Mr Jettou's optimism and called the plan an "historic project".
I’ll second that: historically stupid.

Mr Zapatero pledged to drum up European Union support for a project he said "would change Africa and Europe".
Oh, it’ll change Europe, alright. And the EU will support this only if they’re as stark raving insane as you clearly are, Zappo.

"The fixed link would bind the African continent to Europe.
You can say that again. I wouldn’t count on being able to get too many trains through that tunnel, though. There’ll be way too much foot traffic. . .

Support for the project reflected how warm ties between Rabat and Madrid have become under Mr Zapatero's Socialist government. Four cooperation accords were also signed, including one on cracking down on illegal migration of children.
And we’ll see at least one of those accords (one guess as to which) being turned into toilet paper if anyone’s actually nuts enough to build this thing.

Bye bye, Europe. . .

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