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Does anyone know whatever happened to Kim Beazley, I mean after that knifing he got in the back I felt sorry for the guy. We know Mark Latham is still furiously sucking on lemons while he obediently plays house-husband and longs for a spot on Dancing with the Stars but Kim wasn’t so bad.

While I’m on the subject of elections and leaders, yesterday morning I heard Julia Gillard carping on the radio in preparation for the coming Australian Federal election.
"This incumbent Howard Government will use everything at its disposal to try and win the next election. "We should expect major spending announcements, particularly pork-barrelling in marginal seats." Federal Treasurer Peter Costello says he is focussing on looking after the national economy.
Pork-barreling ey, well Ms. Gillard, let me inform our readers how wonderful your state Labor party in New South Wales is. Yesterday I was telling someone that the NSW Labor party is spending 16 million of our taxpayer dollars on advertising.

Well I was wrong, it is actually a hundred and sixteen million that they are using in ad campaigns and to smear the Opposition leader Peter Debnam. What’s really shameful about their ads, about him, is that it’s just bald-faced lying; in one ad they insist that the opposition will sack 20000+ staff from the public service, including police and nurses. I have also heard reports from the public on talk-back that they are getting leaflets from unions and unidentifiable sources that fire fighters and teachers will do it tough under Debnam. Elsewhere, the Labor Premier Morris Iemma claims it is as high as 40000, it really is just make it up as you go along folks.

I heard Debnam refute this yesterday, saying he’s not even sacking anyone, what he is actually proposing is, to cut the number of paper-pushers by natural attrition. I repeat, he’s not sacking anyone, just not filling their positions when they leave. What Labor is proposing is to replace useless bureaucrats when they leave with new useless bureaucrats just because.

Labor is also questioning his ability to govern the state of NSW because he once wore white pants, the ad has apparently been ‘authorized’ by the Village People and Anthony Callea, that’s how unhinged Labor has become. Those white pants they are referring to are the ones he wore while serving in the Royal Australian Navy for 8 years, were they implying he’s gay or something? I hope our gay readers are taking note; the left will sell you out in a moments notice. Bottom of the barrel stuff folks, they’ve gone so far below the belt, that they don’t even know there is a belt anymore.

So what’s Morris Iemma been doing with his life, since Debnam wore white pants and is hence unfit, ah yes, Iemma has been a Labor stooge since he was 16, never held a an actual job and he insists Debnam has ‘no idea’. There have also been reports of free coffee and muffins for commuters at Sydney’s Strathfield railway station, is that bacon I smell, correction – muffins and instant coffee, out of the way folks, NSW Labor is coming barreling through.

Did I mention that the Greens are looking to score some ‘punish-Labor’ votes in all of this, hopefully the voters will figure out that the Greens are just a radical offshoot of the Labor party, crazies that Iemma doesn’t want to be seen with but is happy to trade preferences with. The greens are the loonies that want to ‘fiercely’ oppose Labor on the desalination plant by giving him the preferences to retain government; only a dumb greenie would vote green in these seats to punish Labor. The greens also want to legalize drugs and probably soon afterwards, find some way to officially coddle pedophiles and other such scum.

None the less, it looks like Labor will be returned to power this weekend and we’ll just have to put up with it, if the polls are anything to go by.

Coming back to Gillard and pork-barreling. In the last few days we were told that NSW Labor’s promises will only kick in three years from now. Well after the last federal election I felt Howard’s tax-cuts kick in pretty soon after the election not years after, so I know which one I prefer.

If we accept Gillard’s accusations of throwing money at the voters, well that’s because the coalition have done a pretty good job of running the economy and why shouldn’t they get the credit for it. Is she saying they should not give our money back to us. Gillard’s statement makes her sound like one of those carping lemon-suckers that, when win a few thousand dollars, whinge about the cab fare they need to pay to go and pick up the prize.

While I’m on the subject of whingers and carpers, can anyone else hear the gnashing of teeth over on the left and among the commie greens? Rudd shafted them fair and square with his about-face on funding for private schools, there were the loonies in the Labor party rubbing their greasy palms together at the opportunity to get their hands on some juicy education funds under the guise of ‘equal opportunities’ and ‘tax the rich’, when Rudd showed his mean side.

If it wasn’t for Rudd’s lame plan to win the war in Iraq by having a clear exit strategy, it would be Gillard and Rudd back to back fending off the knives. Better watch your back amongst your colleague Mr. Rudd, I said it before and I’ll say it again, the mad left will not go quietly into the night.

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