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I was catching up on some reading the other day and thought I should share this with you, from the March 5 edition of National Review. The link won’t work unless you have a subscription, which incidentally is quite affordable (for the internet edition) and well worth the read.
Not all rallies are reported equal. Washington recently saw two big public demonstrations: the March for Life, marking the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, and another let’s-abandon-Iraq-and-impeach-that-bastard-Bush extravaganza. None of the big-three networks sent a national reporter to cover the March for Life. According to the Media Research Center, ABC said nothing at all of it. CBS’s and NBC’s evening broadcasts noted that “both sides” of the abortion debate had been represented — but neglected to mention that there were tens of thousands demonstrating against Roe and only tens demonstrating for it. But the big three didn’t stint on coverage of the anti-war protest: Their evening broadcasts together devoted five reports and six anchor briefs to it. Just in case you thought the media had de-biased themselves...
Elsewhere the news is being reported but, let me point out the discrepancies. This is part of the story from Fox News, 4000 marched for saving the unborn and 700 marched or stood for killing them.
Thousands of Poles took to Warsaw's streets Wednesday to demand a complete ban on abortion, including in cases of rape or incest. Mostly elderly demonstrators attended a Mass and marched through central Warsaw carrying Polish and Vatican flags. One banner had an image of a baby and the words, "Can you really kill me?"
Well we have at least 700 who are more than happy to.
Elsewhere in the capital, about 700 mostly young people held a rally with music and balloons in support of abortion rights. One banner read, "Not the pope, not the president, I will decide myself."
Doesn’t it strike you as odd that terminating the lives of unborn children is a reason for celebration, music, balloons and who knows what else. Does anyone know the birth rates for Poland, I wonder if these happy folks will be just as celebratory in 40 years time when there are no children to carry on the family name. That is if there any families anymore, I see we’ve ditched sexist terms like wife and husband for ‘partner’ now.

Coming back to the article, see the same event as reported by the BBC, 3000 marched in favor of a total ban on abortion, while 1000 described as pro-choice held a rally. I’m inclined to believe the BBC has been a bit loose with their numbers, but we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt. The pro-lifers are described as ‘extreme-right wing’, so being unhappy about killing the unborn now makes you an extremist, next they’ll be labeling us insurgents or terrorists.

They also talk about a woman who is going blind now because she was denied an abortion, apparently a Strasbourg court ruled that Poland violated her human rights. She already had two children so perhaps she shouldn’t have gotten pregnant in the first place, but that’s just mean old bastard me. These things just happen you know, like tripping on the foot path, just an accident and nobody’s fault really, however the baby must die.

The BBC ends by saying, “Polish women's rights groups estimate there are just 200 legal abortions performed every year.” Yes ‘just 200’, so the implication is that if you want to claim to have proper women’s rights then don’t come here waffling about 200 abortions a year. You better go back and try a few thousand or a million or so, then we’re talking adequate women’s rights.

Remember what I told you about ending human life.

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