hell, they're victims, not perps!

Race riot revenge attacker set to walk free

ONE of four men who badly injured a man in a bashing that followed the Cronulla riot may walk free from jail tomorrow, and the others could be released within weeks.

Wael Tahan, 21, Michael Ceissman, 22, Mahmoud Eid, 20, and Stephen Elmir, 20, were today sentenced to two years' jail for the assault on the man during revenge attacks after the December 11, 2005 Cronulla riot.

"revenge attacks" eh.. not, of course, simply more of the same kind of attacks by Lebanese thugs that led to the riots in the first place?

With time already served, Tahan will be eligible for parole tomorrow, Ceissman and Elmir on March 13 and Eid on April 23.

All four had pleaded guilty to assault occasioning actual bodily harm for an unprovoked attack on Jake Schofield in the early hours of December 12, 2005 at Cronulla.

Mr Schofield suffered facial injuries and memory loss from a bashing in which he was kicked and punched in the head.

The attack came a day after about 5000 people were involved in a drunken riot at Cronulla beach, during which people of Middle Eastern appearance was chased and bashed.

yup, right out of nowhere, 5000 people simply decided to get drunk and start chasing those people of Middle Eastern appearance, eh. The media spin on the Cronulla riots is now accepted truth. No mention whatsoever of the years of thuggish, provocative behaviour of Lebanes muslim youths. No mention of their assaults, insulting behaviour towards women at the beaches, their assault on lifeguards.

As the sentence was read out in the New South Wales District Court today, a large group of the offenders' family and friends cried with relief.
I bet they did--for one awful moment they possibly thought that justice was about to be done.
Some yelled "see you tomorrow".

Mr Schofield, wearing dark sunglasses and a white shirt, was also present in court but left before the sentence was read out.

Judge Brian Donovan said the attack was not the worst of racially motivated attacks.

Hell, no! Of course it wasn't, judge! The worst of racially motivated attacks would be if an Aussie youth beat up one of these scumbags. That'd suddenly become positively heinous!

"The offence involved some motivation of racial hatred or prejudice but it is not at the high end of the scale," he said.
"scale"? This clown needs to be subjected to the same beating one dark night by the same type of perps and let's see what imaginary "scale" he applies then.

While taking into account the offenders' remorse, Judge Donovan said the men had entered the Cronulla area "looking for trouble".

"The offence involved some planning at least to the extent that ... offenders went to the area, with in my view, an expectation there would be violence, and they were prepared for that," he said.
You bet they were "prepared for that" you effing judicial joke--they were "prepared" enough to travel to the area and pick out their victim before beating the crap out of him. yeah, that definitely shows an element of intent...

Judge Donovan also took into account a statement from Mr Schofield, who still suffers from nightmares about the incident.
yeah, he took it into account all right, before bloody ignoring it.

In sentencing Tahan, Judge Donovan said he was impressed with his genuine remorse.

Judge Donovan referred to a psychiatric report from a specialist in riots, who said that Tahan stood out from others as someone who had accepted responsibility for his actions and held no grudge.

"I agree with Dr Champion ... that his remorse is genuine," Judge Donovan said.
Riight... the idiot bleeding-heart useless effing judge agrees with the psychiatrist. Nice to see such accord between the two of them--especially given the stellar record of psychiatric "expert witnesses" who--it often seems-will appear for a fee and parrot whatever a defence or prosecution lawyer requires them to. Not that one is suggesting that's what happened here, of course.

Earlier Tahan, wearing a black suit, gave evidence – the only one of the men to do so.

The court heard Tahan was a promising rugby league player who had hoped to turn professional.
WTF does this have to do with the fact that he helped beat a man half to death?

"I feel ashamed of myself for what I have done and I would like to apologise to them in person if I can," Tahan told the court.

"I am Australian ... I am not a racist person, I look at all people the same."
We know filth when we see it. We know thugs and liars and rapists and criminals and we know very well how they ought to be dealt with.
The fact that you and your kind are being enabled and protected by bureaucrats and politicians, by bleeding heart lefty utopians and by a lying media hasn't escaped our attention.
Push far enough, long enough...and we WILL deal with you ourselves.

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