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O’Reilly is right about the culture war and the need to win it but that’s only half the job; the demographics are more important. In the movie Night at the Museum, Octavius, the Roman, leading a battering ram explains to Larry Daley, “we must expand or die”. It was amusing at first but in reality we face a similar predicament in the 21st century. Even if we win the culture war, there has to be enough of us around in the future to enjoy the victory.

Leftists with any brains should get behind this drive to multiply, after all we can have all the gay rights we want but there is no point if there aren’t any gays around to enjoy them. A word of advice or a plea if you will (though I doubt they’ll listen), abandon your fight with us conservatives and tackle militant Islam, if we can dispatch with the jihadists, we can go back to squabbling over gun laws and gay marriage, you may win the odd one through treacherous means, we’ll win the odd one and life will continue; to tired conservatives that means containing them. But if you refuse to heed the jihadist screaming “Allah Akbar” and carry on fighting the conservatives, your victory, if it happens, will be bitter-sweet; as Steyn makes the observation that it’s not us conservatives and Christian ‘fascists’ who have the most to lose when you have to submit to militant Islam, it’s you leftists. We’ll survive, like Steyn I’ll just grow a beard, take on some extra wives, tell my daughters to wear the burqa, tell my sons to call your feminist women whores, get you to pay for my welfare, stop blogging, keep my references to Christ in secret and I’ll be ok.

But what are you going to do? Militant Islam has no room for gays, women’s rights, drugs, the environment, promiscuity, abortion etc. On one aspect they do agree with you, separation of Church and State, not to be confused with separation of Mosque and state though. And don’t bother looking for moderates for reform by then, it’s hard enough getting them to stand up to the hardliners amongst them now, who are eager to behead them and with no one to cover their backsides. If we conservatives withdraw from the battlefield, you’re one your own, you’ll have to earn that liberty and those gay-marriage rights the old fashioned way, you’ll have to figure out quickly that arms are not just for hugging. We don't need you, but you need us, as I don’t know about the rest of you conservatives, but I ain’t fighting for some spineless twit’s right to burn the flag or for John and Jeremy to get married or for a couple of Lesbians to have a three parent family or some scumbag to desecrate the Bible or pedophiles to form a political party or women to abort their offspring whenever they feel like. If that’s the future world, I’m with Sharia, you bring the ACLU lawyers and I’ll send the martyrs.

A fool learns from his own mistakes. A wise man learns from another’s mistakes.

If the leftists refuse to fight with us, I’m afraid we as a society will have to lose a lot more before the average Joe figures out what’s going on. As 9/11 fades and we return to our slumber, the leftists will make even greater in-roads into society. As it is the average Joe doesn’t have the time to find out about, let alone fight the left-wing propaganda peddled in a far away school or the banning of Christmas in a mall he never frequents. Coupled with this, attacks by Islamists that happen every week in countries like Thailand, Algeria, Philippines etc don’t feature on our radar, because it’s too far away, we aren’t told and it’s too difficult so we don’t bother and it's easier to buy into the many insisting, if we just leave them alone, they'll leave us alone.

Even though we have paid for some of our past mistakes, not enough of us have figured out that we cannot appease militant Islam or progressive leftist ideology, the more we give in or put them off, the bigger the problem becomes. As I see it, Europe can help speed things up; apparently the French helped the Americans a few hundred years ago. I believe they can do the same again, though not quite as they did back then. Don’t bother counting on France or Spain to directly help out America or the western world ever again; even if a French-speaking Democrat were elected to the White House, it’s not going to happen due to a growing Arab population, too much anti-American sentiment and very little interest in the truth. England is pretty much going that way too, Blair’s support in Iraq is not the norm and he’s been shafted over it. Consider yourself lucky over Iraq.

Europe to me is the bastion of leftist ideology, like children who refuse to grow up, a dwindling population, welfare, legalized drugs, alternate lifestyles, dislike of Jews, illegal immigrants, multiculturalism, love of big government, America hatred, dislike of guns, Christianity marginalized, it’s all there and it therefore serves as a great example for the rest of us to learn from.

But it’s only a small number of the public who know what’s really happening in Europe, when I tell people about the demographic changes, the French riots, no-go zones in France, the Dutch Pedophile party, Londonistan, Spanish socialists wanting human rights for monkeys, Hirsi Ali etc, their eyes glaze over, they just don’t know what I’m talking about. Many people don’t have the time to read blogs and do the research and the media is too lazy to do their job. At the moment Europe is still the place to visit, remember in the earlier post “Spend a year in Paris”, I heard this in an ad for some competition, it was a wish expressed by an ordinary person. Many people I know tell me they would prefer to tour (and even live in) Europe rather than America, I wonder if they’ve heard of the burning cars every night.

I believe for America to turn around and re-assert itself, for us westerners to regain a sense of deserved pride and change direction quickly from this morally bankrupt leftist ideology, Europe has to fall. It doesn’t have to be an actual war between two forces, nothing dramatic like that, it doesn’t have to be all of Europe either, just a noisy descent into chaos in certain countries like France, Spain etc. Europe just has to get to a stage where travel agents start advising us to wear burqas when we visit European cities, they need to tell us about the no-go zones, where not to go and when not to go, pork is no longer on the menu and to hid your children’s toy piglet. This is how the average Joe will figure it out.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not calling for a smearing of Europe, just that we shouldn’t hinder their ‘progress’, where possible we should cut them loose, let them fight their own wars and earn their freedom. I believe they act like spoilt brats, so it’s time we treated them as such, let them fall and wipe their own tears away. Earlier we heard about a tunnel to be built between Morocco and Spain, quite possibly aiding a surge in illegal immigration into Spain, though with the socialists in power it might be going the other way. Look at it this way, if it goes pear-shaped for the Spanish, at least it’ll serve as an example to any alert Americans to where they are headed with their current dithering over border protection. We’re told Islam is peace and we must be tolerant; well let’s see that caliphate from Morocco to Moscow established then, come come, no point banging on about all cultures and excluding Turkey in the next breath.

We should support their grand schemes, not financially or anything, but applaud their diversity and good nature. If it works out, good for them, if not, then learn from it. I’m open to any other ideas.

I personally have no ties to Europe and accept that it is cold-hearted of me to wish the demise of Europe to secure our future; unfortunately I think many westerners think it is still the old Europe they once knew and would like to fashion America and Australia after Europe. In Australia, our current federal opposition is in favor of the same policies that have failed much of Europe economically, culturally and politically, yet they are doing very well in the latest polls. The reality is that we are but an election away from going down that same road after Europe and I get the feeling that we have the false belief that even if we vote in a couple of mad leftists we can always kick them out at the next election. But as the French and others are discovering, many of these socialist policies are so damaging you cannot recover from them.

The faster Europe gets to disintegration because of their policies and it becomes common knowledge; it is my hope that enough of us westerners living in an America or Australia will wake up and realize that Europe is gone and if we don’t change our ways, we’ll all be gone too.

* Any reference to any person or company with a similar name, alive or dead, is purely coincidental.

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