Wake up, people.

Having just returned from interstate, I begin to see that what I have always feared will, as usual, turn out to be 100% correct. It will take a full blown terrorist attack in a major Australian city and hundreds if not thousands of deaths before enough people pull their heads out there arses and wake up to what needs to be done.

We have our PM wasting time and money by holding a terrorism summit and then inviting the very terrorists (and more to the point, those who defend and protect them at every opportunity - such as those claiming the September 11 attack was a Jewish plot) that the summit is meant to come up with methods to defeat.

I would have run the summit as follows:

Personnel from ASIO, the AFP, and the SAS, would round up all these “moderate” muslim leaders and clerics in the middle of the night and take them to some undisclosed location. There it would be explained to them that they will actively seek and provide information as to who the extremists in their societies are, and when/where/what/how they are operating/planning. They are to do this as soon as they have any information that might indicate some extremists are operating in their societies. Failure to do this, or failure to do this before we find out this information, will result in their lives being made very unpleasant by gentlemen such as those who had brought them to the summit. They would then be told to go back to their societies and spread the word about this new, non-negotiable arrangement.

Anyway, there I was having my hand luggage scanned, and the only one monitoring the screen and seeing what was in all our bags was a young muslim woman. Now granted, she herself is probably a low terrorist risk (but as those palestinian pigs have illustrated, that is not always the case) but that is not what I am getting at.

Given that women are treated like shit by muslims, how hard is it to conceive of her husband/father/brother/uncle/cousin coming up to her with a group of his mates and saying “We plan to hijack plane. We come through when you on shift. We have weapons in hand luggage. You let us through or we rape and kill you.”?

Hell, not even a family member. What’s to stop any muslim coming up to her and threatening to kill her and her family if she doesn’t help them? Given that muslims the world over haven’t shown the slightest interest in helping us infidels root out terrorists amongst them, are we to believe she would be any different, especially when facing torture and death herself if she doesn’t do as she is told?

I only noticed one would-be terrorist on my flight and was glad to have my stainless steel pen in my bag as it makes for a suitable stabbing implement in a pinch – especially around the soft flesh of the neck and throat (assuming any sky marshals that might have been on board didn’t get to him first) but it turns out I didn’t need it.

We get told of all this money being spent on upgrading security at our airports and yet there is this glaring security risk. Something as simple as having one of the two guys putting the luggage on the conveyer belt into the scanner around the other side watching the screen as well - both to keep an eye on this woman but also in general to watch the screen in case she (or anyone else) does accidentally overlook something could alleviate this.

It is stupid things like that which make me believe it is going to take an attack to snap people into the mindset they need to be in to actually win this fight.

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