Credit where it is due

Via the great LGF, my attention was drawn to this article:

VICTORIA's Young Liberals have called on the Howard Government to train hit squads to track down those behind the Bali bombing.
"The YLM calls on the Australian Government to train undercover agents to kidnap or kill those responsible for the Bali bombing," the resolution reads.

I am not a member of the Young Liberals because quite frankly I still consider them (at least the ones I have spoken to) as too much of a "big government" party and too cowardly (i.e leftist) on firearm ownership, however this is a great idea.

My suggestion would be to first use these squads on all the leftist traitors who would do everything in their power to stop these guys from operating effectively. Then they could operate to maximum capablity without fear of treason and harassment from the leftists who want to sell us out to these terrorists.

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