Essays of the day

Here's some Sunday reading in the form of longer pieces from various blogs.

Rippon Yarns is a blog by a left-leaning mystic, but don't let that keep you away from Soldiers of Flesh - Soldiers of Kevlar, his thoughtful essay on the future of military technology. Apart from an overview of likely developments, it examines the thorny question of military machines making their own decisions to kill.

Callimachus from Winds of Change posts a reflection on war propaganda, both past and present, that presents some interesting perspectives and comparisons.

At Hirsefeathers, Stephen ponders facts and those who hate them, drawing a parallel between chidhood development and the reality-denial of leftist ideologues.

A Guy In Pajamas links to a news report rather than an essay, but it's a charming story about a US Army Staff Sergeant who became an Iraqi Sheik.

Also in non-essay mode, Heavy Metal fans shouldn't miss this music video made by a US Marines unit fighting in Fallujah.

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