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Well, it looks like the Western Heart hasn't been beating for a couple of days. Apologies, the HeartStart3000 is about to be applied.

The Hack from TSSH picks up on one of those nasty virulent memes that are going around nowadays. Australia's Big Bogan Brother has finished again, with the first loser gong awarded to one of the most pathetic examples of masculinity yet seen on oz tv. Tim Brunero, a former University of Sydney acolyte and darling of the proletariat.

"Well I’m tipping there’s going to be a few halfwit leftie bloggers’ noses out of joint tonight, with the Big Bogan prize money going to the redneck Logan twins – not their man Pinko “that’s not my mouth, someone stitched a cunt to my face” Tim. You see, the halfwits thought that just because Timmy doesn’t like John Howard, he was therefore deserving of a million dollars. I don’t care much for our fearless leader, does that mean I deserve a million bucks? Fucken oath! But its not about to happen.

Typical of lefty bloggers, they can take something as inane as a glorified popularity contest and try to turn it into some sort of fucking crusade against the evil Tories. And like they did with Gough in ’75, they’ll be bitching and whinging that their man went down quicker than Ms Fits on a Channel 7 programming executive."

With no hint of irony, aforementioned Ms Fits does indeed have her nose out of joint about the decision. And amongst her loyal club, she seems to be the rational one.

"You know what? You're right. You're so right. These guys on the left and right are champeens. They are buff and smart as hell and do things that are sweet!

That's Ms Fits aka Marieke Hardy. She of Last Moron Standing fame. No wonder she had an affinity for Brunero, she wrote ALL her male characters like this pathetic mangina. Ever the gracious loser. See, the homily is TRUE. Nice guys do finish last. And by "nice" I mean 'simpering, gormless, sleazy, creepy cunt' (Thanks to The Hack, yet again). How about some more loser bitterness? A sample of comments from the very aptly named 'Reasons You Will Hate Me' blog.

BEVIS said...
I'm completely with you, Fits.
In fact, I'm currently composing my own rant on the subject, which will be on my blog by the end of the day. (I'm much angrier than I thought I'd be!) Which tossers out there voted for these tossers??!
I hope Channel 10 discovers the votes were miscounted and has to award Tim the same prize money!
Stupid yokels.

surlysimon said...
we must ring Andrew Bolt and see if this means we don't discriminate agains white, anglo saxon twins? or are we back to being rasist? in fact are being doubly rasist? bugger, bum pooh. but hang on why do i care, i didn't watch so much as one minute of this fucked up shit. goes back to sleep

The Student said...
You know whats sad? This decision has filled me with the EXACTLY the same sense of alienation from the will and direction of this nation as last year's federal election result.
I shit you not.
I cannot belive people voted for exactly the same sort of guy you'd hate to have to work with, trading on his good looks, always talking about the chicks he pulled on the weekend.

michelle said...
I'm shattered. I have been an obsessed watcher of every season and this was the first year I felt compelled to vote - because I love Timmy so much. I just wanted to jump up on stage (if I had actually been at Dreamworld) and give him a big hug and tell him he's the thinking woman's sex symbol!! Sometimes I despair of this country - why do so many seem to prefer footy playing blokes over intelligent, sensitive MEN?

Armaniac said...
Kranki, the Aussie version stank like pigs guts nailed to a shithouse door. Which is why lefties who watched it, me included, should feel pretty good about the result. Plenty of "Tim voters" wouldn't have been watching, some wouldn't have TVs. The viewing public is overwhelmingly bogan, and for someone like Tim to get to the final is fantastic. Anyway, if he'd won that skanky homophobe might have found him newly attractive, and that would just mess with his head.

Then it goes on into a little pissing contest, whilst slightly amusing, won't benefit the readers here for the guns or the booze. Still, it's a good day when commies lose their shit completely over the result of a show that defines capitalism in all it's glory. Just like a good game of foos-ball, Big Bogan/Logan was the winner on the day, and really, isn't that all that matters?

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