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It's becoming increasingly clear that a large portion of the ALP and it's associated sympathisers are essentially craven, spineless appeasers who would like nothing better than the world to be run how they see it. With Kevin 'SWAT Womble' Rudd leading the call, it's a cacophony of caterwauling about how Australia is at risk of attack due to our presence in Iraq. They demand that the Howard government admit that Iraq makes us a target. They demand our extraction from the situation. They demand a number of things, not least of which is the chance to run and hide from those who want us dead.

Kim Beazley makes the following statement on the front page of the ALP home page.

"John Howard is determined to impose his 1950's ideology on Australian workplaces."

One would have to say that with the following statement, Kevin Rudd is determinded to drag us back to the English political environs of the 1930's. Mr Rudd said the Australian people were getting angry about claims Iraq had no bearing on Australia's risk of a terror attack.

"I think it is time for the PM (Prime Minister John Howard) just to level with the Australian people on that. It is a commonsense question. The PM, I think, wants to persuade everyone that Iraq, and our involvement in Iraq has had no impact whatsoever on Australia as a terrorist target."

Ergo, to remove that threat, Rudd implies that removing forces from Muslim lands will remove the threat to Australia and it's interests. One must wonder if there is a distant relative called Chamberlain in his family tree. What would they call for if Howard, Ruddock or Downer came out and said that Iraq IS making us a bigger target? Removal of Australian troops from Iraq. Next thing you know, we'll be learning to speak Spanish.

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