Is it Time to Ban Islam?

With Islam banned and the mosques closed, the devout would, I suspect, have very little choice but to pack up and go. And no, I’m not kidding, not a racist, not evil, and not particularly insane. I’m just getting very, very worried, especially when considering what’s going on around the world at the moment (and most topically in Thailand right now, which is facing one of the more seriously vicious, escalating, and now UN-backed Islamic insurgencies). Fact is, I’m beginning to believe it might be the easiest and best way of starting to deal with this problem.

So what motivates this, apart from the above and the screamingly obvious?

Stuff like this:

Maintain unity, Sydney Muslims told

Muslims in Sydney have been told they need to maintain unity as Western nations try to impose secular and capitalist values upon them.

Soooo - why are you here, then, exactly? Sorry, I must have missed that bit.

“. . .the meeting's keynote speaker, Soadad Doureihi, says Islamic values are under threat in the West and Muslims need to band together. "We must make it unacceptable for Muslims to carry these labels of moderate, extreme or fundamental - we have Muslim and non-Muslim," he said.
Well, Soadad, there’s something I want to make ‘unacceptable’, and people who follow ideologies like yours are a part of it. But there you have it. Something we’ve all been banging on about for years, straight from the horse’s mouth: there is no such thing as a moderate or fundamentalist Muslim. And I think he’s right.

Mr Doureihi told the crowd that Muslims are facing persecution and discrimination as Western nations try and force Muslims to accept secular values.
More of the ‘poor oppressed Muslim' bit. Gee, what a surprise. More of the mindset that will see them oppressed whether they are or they are not. That said, this one's a doozy. Forcing them to accept secular values? What? Evil secular things like democracy, freedom of speech, rights for women? Stuff, when it's all said and done, they came here for? Can they make it any clearer though, I wonder?

"They try to force us to accept a new version of Islam, with invented labels such as moderate, extreme or fanatical," he said.
Keep talking, Soadad. . .

"They further use these new terms, which have no basis in Islam itself to divide the Muslim community in Australia."
No problem, Soadad. I’m sure you have a country you can go to. Just don’t forget to cough up the Australian passport on your way out.


  1. Islam must be banned.

    Everything about Islam is against the law in modern countries.

    Child molesting, sexual mutilation,flogging, beating and beheading.

    This is the muslim way.

    The only reason you are alive is because they have not taken over yet!

    Extreme hatred for women.

    Islam is EVIL.
    Islam is CRUEL.
    Islam is CRIME!

    The more I learn about Islam the more I am HORRIFIED.

    Islam must be CRUSHED!

  2. right back at yah johnny i do not know whether yo are a Christian or not but i could say exactly the same about that particular religion they do not accept gay people against the law in modern countries isn't it remember the priest yes i repeat the priest who is someone people in a community look to trust abused and raped several women and children chopped off some body parts(to gruesome to mention)the more i learn about your so called religion the more horrified i am honey.;

    and the only reason my things anonymous before you get any ideas is because i don't have a Google or blogger account or my own and im not afraid to sand up to you ignorant people

  3. Yes I agree when is our government going to ban & expell Islam from our shores they hate us & dont want to live with us.
    There teachers tell them to be moderate, only until they can take us over then we are just Infidel Pigs that deserve to die
    Get rid of them

  4. As for they gay comment christian dont want to kill them
    Muslims will,
    The taliban used to bury them in a big line upto the neck & drive a truck over them


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