Progressive or Regressive?

It's a busy schedule in the land of permanent protest. The communists over at Green Left Weekly have a plethora of protests planned over the coming weeks. High level, maximum impact statements designed to shape public and political opinion. Let's look at the next seven days around Australia and see if you can't find a professional demonstrator in action.

"1,2,3,4...we support the Iraq war...."

First up, in the nation's capital Cantberra, the following activities are planned.
1. Implications of the Timor gas deal. Timor Sea Justice Campaign public meeting. Mon Aug 1, 6.30pm. Law Theatre, Faculty of Law, ANU. Ph Tom 0422 545 763, Cath 0408 416 062.
2. Where to now for the peace movement? Public meeting featuring Phyllis Bennis, US peace activist. Fri Aug 5, 6pm. ACT Legislative Assembly Reception Room. Ph 6205 0161.
3. Anti-worker laws: can we beat them? Socialist Alliance public meeting featuring Humphrey McQueen, historian & writer; Chris White, former secretary, South Australian Labor Council. Thurs Aug 11, 6.30pm. Activist Centre, 1st fl., 175 City Walk, Civic. Ph 6247 2424.

Take note of some of these names. You may see them again shortly. Sydney has more than it's fair share of socialist whiners. Let's see what the supporters of the Castro-lifestyle have going on over the coming week or so.

1. Implications of the Timor gas deal. Timor Sea Justice Campaign public meeting. Tues Aug 2, 6pm. LHMU auditorium, lvl 1, 187 Thomas St, Haymarket. Ph Henriss 0437 829 825, Peter 9264 9343.
2. G8 film night. Report-back & video footage from the G8 global justice protests in Scotland. Thurs Aug 4, 6.30pm. The Nunnery, Newtown. Ph 0407 668 016.
3. Unions & young workers. Resistance reading circle & discussion. Wed Aug 3, 5.30-7pm. Resistance Centre, 23 Abercrombie St, Chippendale. Ph Chris 9690 1977.
4. Hiroshima Day march & rally. No more US wars! Abolish all nuclear weapons! Troops home from Iraq! Sat Aug 6, 12.30pm. Hyde Park Nth, city.

Such earnest little muppets. The concern for their fellow man/woman/Gaia is blatantly obvious. If not, they have some catchy chants and some very artistic signage to prove it. Melbourne is cold this time of year. What's it like in the streets, standing up against the man? Cold. No doubt very lonely too.

1. Challenging the legacies of French nuclear testing. Public meeting featuring Roland Pouira Oldham, Tahitian trade unionist & anti-nuclear activist. Thurs Aug 4, 6.30pm. 312 Smith St, Collingwood. Organised by Friends of the Earth. Ph 0421 840 100.
2. Troops out of Iraq & Afghanistan! End the occupation now! Protest on Hiroshima Day. Sun Aug 7, 1pm. State Library, city. Organised by Stop the War Coalition and Nuclear Free Australia. Ph 9639 8622.
3. Women workers: sparkplugs of labour. Radical Women reading circle. Thurs Aug 4, 7pm. Solidarity Salon, 580 Sydney Road, Brunswick. Ph 9388 0062.
4. Howard's welfare-to-work regime & how to beat it. Radical Women meeting featuring Jess Permezel, coordinator of Council of Single Mothers & their Children, plus others. Tues Aug 9, 7pm. Solidarity Salon, 580 Sydney Rd, Brunswick. Ph 9388 0062.

Well, the chairs and the creche in the Solid-Hilarity Saloon (Cathouse Inc.) must be copping a thrashing this week. Those sparkplugs! The Radical Single Women! Those welfare cheats!
"What do we want? More tax-payers money! When do we want it? Now!" Brisvegas is next. Bright lights, small city, dim Queenslanders. The term 'pissed on candle' springs to mind when you think of what could possibly be the world's laziest commies. Queenslanders AND communists.

1. Humphrey McQueen: Seeing red over Howard's attacks on working people. Tues Aug 6, 6.30pm. A public forum with Australia's most renowned left-wing historian. Activist Centre, 74b Wickham St, Fortitude Valley. Organised by Socialist Alliance. Ph 3831 2644
2. Red Cinema — Venezuela and the Fourth World War. Sat Aug 13, 6.30pm. Activist Centre, 74b Wickham St, Fortitude Valley. $10/$6. Fundraiser for Green Left Weekly. Ph 3831 2644, 0418 185 804.
3. Picket Woolworths. Oppose the supermarket development at Maleny. Thurs Aug 11, 4-6pm. Outside Woolworths, Turbot St, Spring Hill. Ph 3831 2644.
4. Hiroshima Day. Sat Aug 6, 5pm. King George Sq., city. Ph 3831 2644.
5. Rally against voluntary student unionism. Wed Aug 10, 2pm. King George Sq., city. Ph 3831 2644.

Marty Kidd, #5 has got your name written all over it. And Hiroshima Day. They are protesting Hiroshima Day. By the majority of accounts, the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki shortened the war and saved the lives of thousands of servicemen on all sides. Perhaps they should protest against Japan and it's war of aggression and Australia and it's interests in the Pacific. Perhaps they should move to Venezuala, another favoured communist paradise, apparently. Incidentally, why would you charge 'capital' to raise money? Wouldn't your supporters eagerly give up their excess possessions and material finances to make the situation equitable? Hypocrites.

Anybody notice Humper the McQueen has turned up again? Does he get to Sadelaide? He'd just love the following. Once again, noted protest names turn up. Starts with Broin, ends with owshitski.

1. Hiroshima Day public meeting. Speakers incl. Dr David Palmer, Prof. Richard Broinowski & Maralinga survivor Yami Lester. Sat Aug 6, 1pm. Tandanya, cnr Grenfell St & East Tce.
2. Refugees yes! War, no! Fri Aug 5, 4pm. Rundle Mall balls. Ph 0403 672 858.
3. Refugee Action Campaign meetings. Wed Aug 3 & 10, 7pm. Adelaide Uni lawns, city.

A veritable socialist treat at the end of August. I can hardly wait....

4. Eyewitness from the Venezuelan revolution. Jon Moore, fresh from the international solidarity brigade, will give a first-hand account of this century's first revolution. Sat Aug 27, 2pm. Resistance Centre, 34a Hindley St, city. Organised by Resistance. Ph 8231 6982.

So why is he here then? Jon isn't alone in his fight to achieve the paradise that is world-wide communism. Over in the west, there is concern for the kiddies in Cuba. Don'tknow why, I thought that socialist shit-hole was the epitome of the ideals and political methods of communism/socialism/nihilism.

1. Cuban Revolution celebration & fundraiser. A night of Latin music, dancing & authentic Cuban rum to raise funds for a childcare centre in rural Cuba. Fri Aug 19. Kulcha, Fremantle. $18. Organised by Australia-Cuba Friendship Society. Ph Lefki 9367 2622, Vinnie 0419 812 872.
2. Hiroshima Day candlelight vigil. Fri Aug 5, 5pm. Forrest Pl., city. Organised by People for Nuclear Disarmament & Medical Association for Prevention of War. Ph 9271 4488, 9381 5564.
3. Refugee Rights Action Network organising meeting. Tues Aug 9 & 16, 6.30pm. Groovy Space, 195 Pier St, East Perth. Ph Peter 0405 101 362.

The Action Network for Refugee Rights are going to be pissed. So is the Network for Action on the Rights of Refugees. There's gonna be trouble. How about the Apple Isle? Any chance of Commies for the Protection of Tasmanian Devils having a shindig this month?

.........tumble......weeds........OK, so Tassie doesn't have an active protest culture. Why would that be? Not even commies want to move to Tasmania. Darwin. Now there's somewhere bound to be full of protestors. After all, it's around the corner from that favoured whinge of the left, Timor.

1. Implications of the Timor gas deal. Timor Sea Justice Campaign public meeting. Thurs Aug 4, 7.30pm. Museum theatrette, 19 Conacher St, Bullocky Point. Ph Jude 0409 193 242, Jon 0438 162 597.
2. Timor Sea Justice Campaign information stalls. Nightcliff markets: Sun, 9.30am?12.30pm. Ph Robyn 8945 1152, Jude 8948 2010.
3. The origin & nature of women's oppression. Marxist discussion group. Sat Aug 6, 2pm. 24 Clarke Cres, Rapid Creek. Ph 8948 5484.
4. Film screening: John Pilger's New Rulers of the World. Fri Aug 5, 7pm. 24 Clarke Cres, Rapid Creek. $8/$5. Ph 8948 5484.

You would think that you'd have to be paid to watch it. After all, I have no doubt that the Pilger cheer squad at the ABC/SBS will be falling over themselves to get this in front of Australian viewers in the near future.

"2,4,6,8 we want to remonstrate, 1,2,3,4 we want to be a bore." Catchy. It's a veritable hotbed of seething anger and righteousleftish indignation around the country. Serial protestors such as Humper the Queen, radical student protests, unionists, communists, socialists and fuckwists. The amount of space given over to these incredibly minor protests is proof that the squeaky wheel gets the oil, and in a lot of cases, their views are considered valid by a large proportion of the Australian media.

Which goes to prove that you can fool a lot of the people a lot of the time, but communists are still fuckwits.

Cross posted at Bastards Inc.

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