Public Insanity

"The war mongering nations have ceased to feel like democracies. Not one of them possesses an opposition party worthy of the name. Not one of them has accepted responsibility for the gruesome chain of murders triggered by our invasion - over 500 suicide attacks in Iraq over the last year. Not one “visionary leader” (Murdoch on Howard) has admitted that life for Iraqis is hell Those who concocted the intelligence that led to war have been congratulated, those who give the nod to torture have been promoted, those who bombed the hospitals, mosques, water plants and suburbs of Fallujah, are jangling with medals."

Richard Neville, self-confessed futurist, and widely acknowledged as bordering on psychosis wrote that.
Richard loves a conspiracy theory, and is adept at throwing shit to see what sticks. Far from being of the Joe Vialls level of barking mad, he is accepted as representative of a range of social and political views within Australia. He writes for magazines. Gets paid to speak to speak at various forums. Is published in magazines and newspapers. Another one who lives off the rewards of the society he denigrates.

What I want to know is this. If he hates it here so much, why the fuck doesn't he leave?

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