The Other Side of the Story

By now we've all heard of Cindy Sheehan and her antics. Some bloggers have done a fantastic job at digging beneath her seemingly sincere and genuine surface and exposing a much darker and questionable side. Of course the MSM and their leftwing goony bird pals conveniently ignore this simply because her little act falls into line with their agenda.

Enter Deborah Johns. She is the mother of a US Marine who tells a much different story and is getting ready to take her show on the road as well.
The anti-war protest by a Vacaville mother outside the president's Texas ranch is galvanizing some who support the country's continued involvement in Iraq. One of those is a serviceman's mother who feels now more than ever the country must stand strong behind the troops.

Roseville resident Deborah Johns' son William is a Marine stationed in Iraq. She sympathizes with Cindy Sheehan, the anti-war protester who lost her son to enemy fire 16 months ago. However, Johns believes a pull-out now would negate what troops are fighting for in Iraq. She takes exception to Sheehan's protest and plans to do something about it.

"It absolutely mushroomed, but that's our liberal media," said Johns. "They continue to like to hear the negative and not the positive that's going on." Johns is organizing what could be hundreds of others to participate in a caravan leaving San Francisco on Monday. The caravan is destined for Crawford, Texas, in a gesture of support for President George W. Bush.
Go get 'em Deborah.

The above story also contains a video report. If for some reason the link to the video doesn't work I have a copy.

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