Nice day for a tan

60 years ago the Enola Gay dropped the first atomic weapon over Hiroshima. It was designed to scare the bejeesus out of the Japs, and after Nagasaki wore a second weapon several days later, it worked. Japan's capitulation out of WW2 led rapidly to the end of hostilities across the planet in short order. These two primitive weapons are so far the only recorded uses of nuclear weapons in conflict.

Imagine the chances that a hostile religious theocracy could take if they had access to similar devices. Of course, we should just try and TALK them out of it. Because 60 years ago the Japanese were more than willing to listen to terms after a very loud bang and a very bright light. I can just see the protestors in the streets now demanding action after North Korea or Iran go and upset the neighbours by turning Seoul or downtown Tel Aviv into radioactive glass car-parks.

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