Guantanamo Bay Vs North Korea

Lefties have long complained that Guantanamo Bay is a horrible place - in fact, the Communist Part of Britain calls it "illegal and an attack on both human rights and the sovereignty of Cuba". But is it any worse than the Communist's very own North Korea? It's time for an A Western Heart analysis.

Guantanamo Bay: "Detainees receive three culturally appropriate meals a day, one of which is an MRE (Meal, Ready to Eat)." Not one Guantanamo prisoner has suffered from malnutrition, let alone died.
North Korea: The average North Korean receives only half the minimum acceptable energy from food rations. Over 1 million have died from famine.

Freedom to leave
Guantanamo Bay: Prisoners are released if there is found to be no case against them.
North Korea: "North Korea does not allow its citizens to leave the country to resettle in another country." Refugees are routinely recaptured and imprisoned.

Reasons for being in Gitmo/North Korea
Guantanamo Bay: "According to one report, to qualify for transfer and detention at Camp Delta, Guantanamo, prisoners taken in Afghanistan must meet any one of the following criteria: (1) Be a foreign national; (2) Have received training from Al-Qaeda; or (3) Be in command of 300 or more personnel." These reasons are all a matter of personal choice - going to Afghanistan during a war, commanding an army, or choosing to be a terrorist.
North Korea: Being born in North Korea - a matter entirely out of your control.

Reading material
Guantanamo Bay: Gitmo's library is stocked with books about Jihad and the Islamic faith, catering to the "needs" of its inmates. These books include a variety of views that are contrary to the American stance on terrorism and foreign policy, and encourage and justify acts punishable by life in prison or death in almost every corner of the globe.
North Korea: All foreign news sources and opinions contrary to the official Government line are banned.

Freedom of the press
Guantanamo Bay: Interviews are monitored and tightly controlled, but allowed with certain limits. This is fairly standard for high security prisons. Only the most rabid moonbat's descriptions of restrictions of press-related freedoms are on the same scale as...
North Korea: "North Korea consistently ranks last among the world's nations in international ratings of press freedom."

Religious freedom
Guantanamo Bay: "Each detainee's cell has a sink installed low to the ground, "to make it easier for the detainees to wash their feet" before Muslim prayer, Saar reports. Detainees get "two hot halal, or religiously correct, meals" a day in addition to an MRE (meal ready to eat). Loudspeakers broadcast the Muslims' call to prayer five times a day. Every detainee gets a prayer mat, cap and Koran. Every cell has a stenciled arrow pointing toward Mecca. Moreover, Gitmo's library -- yes, library -- is stocked with Jihadi books."
North Korea: "Autonomous religious activities now almost nonexistent; government-sponsored religious groups exist to provide illusion of religious freedom." More on their repression of religious freedom here.

Health and wellbeing
Guantanamo Bay: "Military doctors say prison inmates have gained an average of 2.3 kilograms since their incarceration." Detainees are checked by doctors four times a year.
North Korea: Access to accurate information is difficult, but we do know that one-in-25 North Koreans who were alive in the 1990s died from famine, and their hospitals cannot adequately deal with survivors of train crashes.

I could go on, but I think you get the picture. Guantanamo Bay may be blasted by the communists, but even a high security prison for mass-murdering terrorists has better conditions, more freedoms and a better standard of living than a Stalinist country.

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