I hate traitors

I wasn't going to post this but all the leftist scum out there trying to drum up sympathy for this traitor has forced my hand.

Last Sunday was a good day – it was David Hick’s 30th birthday. He was 26 when captured by US forces fighting alongside the Taliban, which means he has been in captivity almost four years and that is awesome.

That is four years that this treasonous piece of shit is not out there killing innocent people. Four years that this piece of shit has not been out there planning more terrorist attacks against civilians. Four years that this piece of shit has not been out raping and beating and stoning women to death with his Taliban buddies.

And hopefully it also means four years of being beaten like a little bitch every single day.

Speaking of beatings, his father needs a good one. Face it, your son is the lowest of lowlife traitors. Not only is he a traitor to his country, but he is a traitor to his civilization by aligning himself with one of the most vile death cults in history. Stop whining about his “unfair trial.” A trial is more than he deserves.

The media also needs a good beating. When first arrested, we all saw the picture of him with an RPG launcher. That was a truthful picture because that shows him exactly how he is now and what he was doing when captured. That is what he was really like.

Now, however, you see the photo of him as a little kid, and the one from about 10 years ago with him all smiling wearing a queer looking jumper. I call BULLSHIT on that. That is not how he is. That is an out and out lie of what he is. If he were all innocent like the guy in that photo, he wouldn’t have become a traitor and aligned himself with muslim scum and tried to do his part to bring down Western Civilization.

While I am glad the US is keeping this traitor, I am still most upset that they let that other filthy piece of shit Habib go.

As for Hicks – let’s just get this thing out the way. I will even be happy to donate the bullet or the rope or the sodium cyanide pellets or whatever.

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