Victory for Terror?

In the last week or two we have seen pictures of Israeli soldiers helping settlers off Gaza, sometimes forcibly, there were predictions of hardline extremists causing bloodshed and chaos to stop the withdrawal, but this did not eventuate. As far as I know this was a gesture of peace by Israel, Ariel Sharon has indicated more settlements will be ceded and polls showed that the majority of Israelis are in favour of the withdrawal.

On the other side of the fence, Palestinians were celebrating, dancing and brandishing automatic weapons, Hamas and other extremists run free, proclaiming victory (by using terror) over Israel, promising more bombs and bloodshed, one suicide bomber did manage to get through since the withdrawal.

According to Victor Davis Hanson, (not his exact words), the pullout is strategic, ceding hard-to-defend ground in favour of 'digging in', in easily defended positions; the fence is being strengthened and lengthened, not dismantled. VDH offers that now Israel can sit back and say to the world and Palestinians, there you go, you can have your land back, do what you want with it, stuff it up all you want, just don't come back and blame us (the occupation) for it.

To the rest of us in the world it should be obvious, the Israelis are tired of being blown up, tired of a safe and secure world pressuring them to negotiate with terrorists. If anyone has not noticed, the Palestinians have returned the gesture of peace by calling for more bloodshed and proclaiming their terror tactics have worked. Supporters of the Palestinian cause can no longer continue to excuse the bombing of Israeli buses as desperate tactics of a defenceless people.

Bloggers, please offer your opinions on the matter, I think Sharon has figured out you can't talk to terrorists and you can't keep fighting them forever, so why not fence them off and ignore them.

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