Muslims urge Christians to fight terrorism

What are the odds of this occuring? The title of the post was drawn from Pope Benedict XVI recent visit to Germany and addressing Muslim leaders.

'COLOGNE, Germany, Aug. 20 -- Addressing Muslim leaders in Germany, Pope Benedict XVI delivered the strongest rebuke of terrorism of his nearly four-month-old papacy, asking Muslims to join Christians in trying to combat its spread and "turn back the wave of cruel fanaticism" behind it.'

It just sounds stupid when you try to put a "moderate" [Ed: Scare quotes are out already] Muslim leader into this role. I'm sure they all sat there and nodded for the cameras, but were thinking of ways to subvert the message, or counter it's effect on the estimated 3.5 million walking bombs in Germany. Not being able to read German, I have been unable to find a news report of ANY Muslim leader condemning the single man charged with a crime over the Septermber 11 2001 suicide bombings in the US.

Imagine the Dalai Lama being lectured by a local imam to give up his vicious reign of terror and fanaticism? Neither can I. The Pope's message although admirable, will fall on heads more accustomed to the exhorting of a violent end to western society.

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