Australian flag at half-assed

With the shuffling off this mortal coil of the Grand Poobah of Silly Arabia, the supplicants and sycophants have reverted to the custom of honouring the departed with the ritual flag lowering to half-assedhalf-mast.

'King Fahd bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud of Saudi Arabia, died on 1 August 2005.
As a mark of mourning and respect, the Australian National Flag should be flown at half-mast all day on Wednesday, 3 August 2005, Australia-wide, from all buildings and establishments occupied by Australian Government departments and affiliated agencies.'

How do the Suddy Arabicans see their benevolent dictator in light of infidel countries dropping sheets on poles to half-way, in some ridiculous guesture of goodwill?

'In Saudi Arabia, government offices remained open and oil pumping continued. Flags remained at full-staff because the green Saudi flag bears the central profession of faith in Islam -- "There is no god but God and Muhammad is his prophet" -- and lowering it would be seen as demeaning to the name of God.'

In some misguided political act of tom-foolery, Australia has indicated that it is willing to abase itself before another's culture. As a rule, I would have expected Australia's flag to be lowered for the deaths of the heads of Commonwealth nations and the royal family and their representatives. I certainly did not expect to see the flag of Australia lowered for the death of someone who presides over a way of life which is anathema to the majority of Australians. If the Silly Suddy Salafi's won't drop their flag for their ex-oil tycoon, do you think they would do it for the death of our Head of State? Not likely.

The moonbats are right. It's all about the oil.

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