Leftie Short-circuit Time

I know I shouldn’t, and on one level, at least, I most certainly don’t. . .

. . .but I just adore cases like this:

Black and white law clash over rape case

A legal decision which has taken into account customary Indigenous law has sparked outrage in the Territory’s Parliament.

The case involved a 14 year old girl who was held for four days against her will, sexually assaulted by a 55 year-old man and beaten with a boomerang.

The man was convicted, but the judge in sentencing the man expressed sympathy for him and jailed the offender for just one month.

ANNE BARKER: Under traditional customary law, a 55 year old respected elder at remote Yarralin in the Top End was allowed to have sex with a 14 year old girl.

She’d been promised to him in marriage when she was four years old and her own grandmother had forced her to submit to her future husband but under Northern Territory law it was a clear case of aggravated assault and sexual intercourse with a child and for Chief Justice Brian Martin, who spoke on Darwin radio, it was an extremely difficult decision.

BRIAN MARTIN: There’s no question there will be people in the community who will find it difficult to understand and who will say the penalty is too light. That’s an individual choice. I must deal with the law as it is and one of the criteria is to look to the individual’s culpability and the court has said over many years that we need to take into account those matters which arise peculiarly from the ethnic or the Aboriginal background.
Bull! It’s grubby; it’s nasty; this man should have been put away for a very, very long time. The horror of what this poor 14-year-old girl went through aside, the beauty of this case, and so many others like it (and there are many), is that it’s a classic example of what happens when the idiot Left actually manages to get its way. Now watch these absolute fools all scatter for cover whenever their demand that we ‘respect traditional Aboriginal law’ (and demands like it) meets the reality of what that ‘law’ actually is (and does).

Want to see the duck and cover in action? No problem. Cop this next bit:

It’s a recognition of the difficulties that are facing Aboriginal people and particularly in this case, a traditional man who did not know that what he was doing was contrary to the Northern Territory Law.

Read the rest, but only if you can constructively let off some steam afterwards, or you’re otherwise happy to hurl your monitor through the window. . .

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