Why Patrick won't be posting here anymore

I felt it was necessary to write this post, addressing why Patrick Callioni's posting permissions have been taken away.

At A Western Heart, every time you click on "comments", there's a message that says "Nonsensical comments and trolling will result in something you may not expect." I'm sorry that James and I were unable to follow that line as we deleted Patrick's ability to post, as he surely would have expected us to eventually block him from the site.

However, equating Stalin's repressive, authoritarian brand of an already repressive ideology with the very movement that fought - somewhat aggressively - against it is an idea that belongs on Indy Media, not A Western Heart. McCarthy understood the threat of communism. And the very history that Patrick seems to think we are doomed to repeat shows that McCarthy was mostly right on one count, and right on the other count that mattered. From his WikiPedia entry:
Though McCarthy's specific charges were unsubstantiated, material unearthed in Russian archives after the fall of the Soviet Union has proven that his general charge (that Communist spies had infiltrated the federal government) was true. The American Communist Party (CPUSA) was in the pay of the Soviet Union. Communist spies included Julius Rosenberg and Theodore Hall, who gave nuclear secrets to the Soviets, Alger Hiss, who became Secretary General to the founding charter conference of the United Nations, and Harry Dexter White, who was the founding head of the International Monetary Fund.
So he's mostly right there, he just didn't have all the exact minute details. One could say that by saying Stalinism killed 20 million people you are mostly right, you just can't get the exact number. It's not something you have to be pedantic about. On the other count, McCarthy recognised the threat of communism, and history again proved he was right. Communism chalked up body counts like a never-ending Golan and Globus production. Consider the 100 million dead according to this book, Patrick, and then you might understand why McCarthy was so desperate to rid the United States of communism.

Patrick's posts will remain on the site as a reminder of why he won't be posting here again.

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