Dialogue? What Dialogue?

Well, the summit’s begun, the jabbering commenced. Already one apparently respected ‘moderate’ Muslim leader has announced that 9/11 was a Jewish plot. A beaut’ start, really. And, pretty much as expected, we’re starting to see the problems we face when even considering a dialogue of this nature, with this ideology.

Because who do you talk to? And what do you talk about? Which of course leads into the most obvious question: what on earth is the point?

Islamic group blames Iraq troops

AUSTRALIA'S military involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan was the primary cause of alienation of the Muslim community, one group attending today's terrorism summit said.

. . .

But another conference delegate, Yasmin Khan, founder of the Queensland Islamic welfare group I-CARE, said Australian involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan was only partly responsible for Muslim resentment. "I don't know that you could necessarily say, `Well, let's pull our troops out of Iraq and everything is going to be fine tomorrow,"' she said to ABC radio.
Resentment? Resentment about what? What’s the gripe, then? Seriously? One says this, the other says that: a grab bag of who the hell knows what. And we’re to take any of this even moderately seriously? What the hell is wrong with these people?

A conference participant, however, puts my concerns fairly effectively:

"That's part of it and I don't necessarily think that that's just exclusive to Muslims either. There are plenty of white mainstream Australians that are saying pull our troops out.

"Let's not just brand the one cure that is going to fix it all for us. That is a small part of it."
I think the last sentence says it all. And I’m most curious to hear from any stray Lefties out there: what would you be prepared to do? How much are you prepared to concede in the name of ‘peace’ (assuming you even get it, which is far from guaranteed, given the rate at which Muslims tend to kill each other, let alone us nasty Infidels)? And who are you going to listen to. And why?

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