Typical Left Wing Scum

As you may have heard, we have a state election coming up here in WA in a few weeks where we desperately hope that the Communist Shitstain Geoff Gallup will get his Marx-felching arse handed to him.

His greatest achievement as premier has been putting taxes up in successive years (despite a promise to not increase taxes) and totally destroying our power grid and reducing it to a state worse than that of most third world countries.

Some left wing wankers will try to point to point to the budget surpluses he has brought down (which only further proves that the tax increases were totally unnecessary) but the fact the increases were unnecessary in the first place proves they are left wing wankers.

The latest despicable betrayal of the people of Western Australia is the Communist Shitstain's promise the pay parents to keep their kids in school longer. This will be $200 per student in the upper levels of secondary school and $400 per student in Tafe learning a trade skill.

Nevermind the fact that some students hate school and are wasting their time and my money being there (like many of the drop kicks I went to high school with). Nevermind that many of them want to get out and start earning money as soon as possible.

I find this rather insulting as it seems to be suggesting that those who leave school early have no future and will be too uneducated and stupid to get by.

My father left school at 15 and became a plasterer. He slaved his guts out for thirty years, paying off a house and a rental property, all the while putting two kids through private secondary school to year 12. He worked his way up and is now one of the highest paid supervisors at his company.

My cousin left school at 15, decided to go to Tafe and is now a fully certified electrician who works on his company's top export projects to Taiwan and China.

A friend from high school left at 15 and went to work in the mines in Mt Isa for a year. He went back to year 11, and then while doing a mechanic apprenticeship also did a bar and hospitality course at Tafe. He now spends roughly six months of the year cruising the Caribbean as the bar manager on a ship.

These are three examples from my own life and none of them needed to be paid to stay in school and all of them would have hated it.

But according to the Communist Shitstain they are too stupid to know what they want so should have been forced to stay in school.

But of course that is not it. There is further proof that the biggest left wing scum are in the unions.

They are upset with the Communist Shitstain's proposal to pay parents because all parents will get the payment. Even those in private schools. Because as we all know, only filthy rich people who never give to charity send their kids to private schools.

This apparently includes parents who take out mortgages to pay for their kids to go to private schools and parents who work six and seven days a week at two jobs to pay for their kids to go to private school.

There you have how the left wing union scum think.

Make no mistake - the elitist scum who make up the unions are EXACTLY who the Labor party (state and federal) represent and they all hold everyone else with the exact same contempt.

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