Ted Rall, at it again

The rabidly left-wing Ted Rall set down a challenge recently:
Several Bushist blogger types have written to assert that there are as many violent and threatening remarks and insults coming from liberals online as there are from conservatives against liberals. I've spent many sadly-lost hours online, and I say: no way.

So here's my challenge: Please email your worst, most vicious examples of liberal/leftie blogger vitriol (with links, natch), and I'll post 'em right here. If they exist, obviously.
Rall first uses as examples comments from LGF (thus breaking his own rules), to which Charles responds with:
In his latest blog post Rall attacks Little Green Footballs specifically, by pulling a few out-of-context quotes from our visitor comments and falsely attributing them to me. (Gee. I’ve never seen that tactic used before.) One of his quotes about being “targeted for termination” refers to Rall’s job as a Washington Post cartoonist being terminated; it’s obvious since the thread is about exactly that subject, so Rall is either deliberately misrepresenting or too full of bile to see straight.
Rall provides more quotes from the Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler in an attempt to back up his claim, however - there's a catch. They're not actually from the Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler. This one is in comments, as is this one, and this one, and this one. Which means one thing - if comments from right-wing blogs are in play, then comments from left-wing blogs and forums are in play. In which case, I present the forums of Democratic Underground.

I win. Rall loses.

But even though Rall couldn't stick to his own rules (he now won't accept bloggers agreeing with prominent left-wing non-bloggers), Polipundit and Right Wing News took him to task, but John Hawkins discovered that Rall isn't really up to it:
Rall has an email address up for the challenge. It bounced when I sent a message into it.

This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification.

Delivery to the following recipients failed.

I sent an e-mail off, and mine bounced as well - not just the one to rightwingchallenge@rall.com, which was the one listed on Rall's site, but also to rightwingchallenge@tedrall.com simply because his website is at both tedrall.com and rall.com. Which means the only e-mail address that works is chet@rall.com - so I sent Ted an e-mail telling him that it bounced.

No wonder he claims that "The Right-Wing Challenge...Remains totally unanswered" - he hasn't allowed anyone to answer back.

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