Interview with the Terrorist

I was thinking about watching the 60 Minutes interview with Habib (herein referred to as "that terrorist shitbag") but then I realised that I really did not care what that terrorist shitbag had to say.

Also, who really expected him to come on and say "Yeah I did train the 9/11 hijackers and met with Bin Laden and reckon he has it right on killing all you infidels" honestly? We all knew he was going to lie through his teeth so why bother.

I did catch bits and pieces of it as I came out from playing Knights of the Old Republic 2 - The Sith Lords (what a shame there aren't any Jedi or Sith to go round and slaughter these terrorists with lightsabers - that would be so cool) to grab more beers and so I will give my thoughts on what I did see.

He is a terrorist. Now I know you left wing wankers who want to bend over and take it up the arse from these terrorists will try to say there is no evidence he is terrorist but I am afraid there is.

Most significantly he is muslim. You wankers can try laying down your usual not all muslims are terrorist bullshit but the fact remains that all these terrorists are muslims. And if you subscribe to those savage and primitive and inferior beliefs then you deserve all that you get for standing with them. Including being tortured for being a terrorist.

Add to the fact that terrorist shitbag had FOUR governments on the lookout for him (Pakistan who picked him up, the US, Australia, and Egypt) – no innocent man ends up being wanted by four separate governments.

And isn't the fact Egypt wants him and tried to extradite him from Cuba interesting? If we infidels are so horrible and he is innocent of all these terrorism charges, then why doesn't he fuck off back to Egypt and claim citizenship there? Because he is a terrorist and he knows Egypt will not be so stupidly lenient as we are being, and there are more innocent people hear that need killing more than in Egypt. And there would probably be more Jews here, too.

The torture - that is another thing. Clearly he wasn't tortured anywhere near enough. If he is still able to steal our oxygen and give interviews worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, then clearly the torture was totally insufficient and ineffective.

And the claim he went to Afghanistan to make money - someone should tell him that if you are going to tell lies, at least make them believable. The only way anyone would make money in Afghanistan would be to be paid for going there by some company who is doing reconstruction work, or to steal equipment meant for the reconstruction to sell to other terrorist organisations - and guess which that terrorist shitbag would have been doing since he wasn't there at the behest of any company?

The funniest thing were the claims about the dog trained to sexually assault people. Those cheeky Yanks! If they were going to tell him such bulshit lies to scare him they should have done it properly.

Sure while muslims consider dogs dirty animals and need to wash themselves eight times or something equally stupid when they touch one (which I find ironic as my dogs are much cleaner than most muslims I have ever met - and probably get bathed a lot more often), they still consider pigs to be worse.

They should have brought in one of those boars like in the movie Hannibal, and told that terrorist shitbag that the pig was going to rape him. And what would have been even better is if they had actually trained the pig to do so and then take a few bites out of him.

How funny would it be for all these terrorist shitbags to have to live every day for the rest of their lives with the knowledge they were fucked and bitten by a pig in some sort of black widow type scenario

We know these arseholes aren't allowed to eat a pig lest they go to hell but what about being fucked and eaten by a pig? (Can someone give me the phone number or email address for Gitmo? I want to ask them to find out for me.) :)

All kidding aside (although that would be be seriously funny) I have zero sympathy for the terrorist shitbag and hope he dies soon and painfully, followed quickly by Hicks, so that there are two less terrorist shitbags to go around killing innocent people.

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