Green Left Weekly exposes massacre

I wonder why this article in Australia's Green Left Weekly hasn't prompted international outrage and indignation. These brave purveyors of the truth are willing to expose the running dogs of the US and it's lackey's and show the world the disgusting hypocrisy of the Bushitler dictatorship.

The article details the experiences of Dr Salam Ismael, now 28 years old, who was head of junior doctors in Baghdad before the invasion of Iraq. A thoroughly impartial eyewitness, a young leader in Saddam's regime before the illegal and immoral invasion of the peaceful, law-abiding Iraqi nation, the good doctor relates his experiences in Fallujah and recounts the tale of horror of US troops massacring women, children and babies in cold-blooded murder. Here's an excerpt of this brave man's struggle to tell the truth.

"On November 12, Eyad Naji Latif and eight members of his family — one of them a six-month-old child — gathered their belongings and walked in single file, as instructed, to the mosque. When they reached the main road outside the mosque they heard a shout, but they could not understand what was being shouted. Eyad told me it could have been “now” in English. Then the firing began.

US soldiers appeared on the roofs of surrounding houses and opened fire. Eyad’s father was shot in the heart and his mother in the chest. They died instantly. Two of Eyad’s brothers were also hit, one in the chest and one in the neck. Two of the women were hit, one in the hand and one in the leg.

Then the snipers killed the wife of one of Eyad’s brothers. When she fell her five year old son ran to her and stood over her body. They shot him dead too. Survivors made desperate appeals to the troops to stop firing. But Eyad told me that whenever one of them tried to raise a white flag they were shot. After several hours he tried to raise his arm with the flag. But they shot him in the arm. Finally he tried to raise his hand. So they shot him in the hand. The five survivors, including the six-month-old child, lay in the street for seven hours. Then four of them crawled to the nearest home to find shelter."

So we have a place and time of occurence. We have witnesses who can talk to the investigators. Let's call the UN into this. Who's running the UN Human Rights Commission at the moment? Libya, that's right. An excellent choice to to start an investigation into this tragedy. I demand answers! Let's have Bushitler's head on a plate, with a side order of Rumsfeld and Cheney. ALL MUST PAY!

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