Mamdouh Habib. Temporary 'Australian'

Mamdouh Habib. Temporary 'Australian'

Cop a load of this drivel.

"SYDNEY man Mamdouh Habib might take legal action against the Australian Government for turning its back on him while he was a prisoner at Guantanamo Bay, his Australian lawyer said today."

Love to see this one hit the local Magistrates Court. Habib's lawyer, mouthpiece Stephen Hopper has once again threatened action against the Federal Government. Should be amusing, particularly when the government eventually gets awarded costs for a frivolous case. Let's check what Stephen 'I'm clearly insane myself' Hopper had to say about his client.

""The Australian Government's handling of this whole affair has been one of the most atrocious breaches of duty to an Australian citizen in the history of this country. My client was tortured, he sought help from the Australian Government and they turned their back on him and left him to languish in Pakistan, Egypt and Cuba at the hands of foreign governments."

Mr Hopper said Mr Habib had underlying clinical and physiological problems but could rationalise.He said Mr Howard's comments would have "hurt" Mr Habib.

Fucking diddums! I wonder what he 'rationalised'? Better to be in Oz than a smear on the floor of an Afghan cave? What protections can you possibly seek? Freedom from getting a fast hard one in the head via M4? Freedom from continued incarceration, or better yet, execution?

This will play out as a form of Greek tragedy for the coming year. Eventually the full story of Habib's capture and incarceration will be known, and then the questions will be back on Habib to fully answer for his actions. Traitorous c#*t should have been shot 'accidentally'.

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