Not illegal, just insane.

Of course, it's all the Fed Guvmint's fault that Qld authorities detained and incarcerated a woman who was mentally ill (deranged, bonkers, barmy, bat-shit crazy, round the bend, loopy, moonbat etc etc) from NSW. It was all the Commonwealths' fault that a woman who wouldn't speak english, and claimed to be a German national was placed into a detention centre.
Peter Beattie is already setting his government up for a 'pass-the-buck' scenario, with his claims that "The problem with it is there are four jurisdictions involved here and the inter-relationship between what Queensland provided to the Commonwealth and what the Commonwealth provided to us, is central to what happened," he said.

What appears to be central to the case is that a Labor controlled state government department assessed a woman as an illegal immigrant, which, after it turned out to be false, started pointing fingers at the Federale's. Beattie's doing everything he can to put the onus on the Commonwealth to take the fall for it, and principally, Senator Vanstone, Minister for Immigration.

One wonders how much media attention would have been brought to bear if it was identified after 10 months in a Qld facility that the woman was a nut-case, not a queue jumper. Cynical? Or realist?

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