Australian Greens. The watermelon party.

Green on the outside, red in the middle. Just a quick update to the online poll that is currently being featured on the Federal Australian Greens site. General outline, looking for views on the deployment of Oz troops into Iraq to protect Japanese engineers. Click here to see the current result. All I can say is, it's wonderful to see democracy in action. Any bets this poll gets pulled first thing Monday when the alleged grown-ups go back to work?

Click here to see screenshots of the poll results over the last 36 hours.
Keep letting the Greens know what you think folks! It's the only way to get the point across. Well, technically, writing 'Dickhead' in Magic Marker on a baseball bat and wrapping it around their skulls is another way, but apparently it's illegal where I live to cull hippies out of season...

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