Election Day

Well I have done my part for Freedom and Democracy and cast my vote.

Let us hope the Communist Shitstain gets his arse booted out of office. I don't think it is likely however. Were there more massive power shortages like last year when we were told not to turn our air conditioners on because of the way Gallop had fucked up our power supplies, it would be certain he would be gone.

I did my best to waste as much power as possible but it never happened this year.

Today we also had to vote (I feel dirty for even having to say have to vote) on extended trading hours for weeknights and on Sundays - thereby bringing WA into step with the rest of the civilized world.

I voted Yes to both extended trading hours questions. It concerns me greatly that a Conservative who is supposed to stand for minimal government interference is pushing the lies and bullshit reasons of the No campaign which will result in the government still being able to tell us when we are allowed to shop.

But I also fear the lies and bullshit of the No compaign will also get up.

UPDATE: Polls have closed and counting has begun. More as the night progresses.

18:55 Ugh! I was going to watch the ABC coverage during the ads in Seven's coverage but if I do that I am likely to throw my remote at my tv and put a hit out on Kerry "Fuckhead" O'Brian.

19:10 Some dickhead from 6PR is spewing bullshit about Howard and the troops and not supporting Barnett so it consolidates his own power in Canberra. Someone needs to tell this dickhead that Howard has already consolidated his power in Canberra - remember the landslide election victory in October last year?

19:15 Noel Crichton-Browne is his usual abbrasive self, calling the ALP candidate in the seat of Murray, Nuala Keating, a token candidate having been sent there to ensure a minimum number of women in any ALP government. Probably an unfair comment but there is only one major party that uses quotas instead of merit and it ain't the Liberal party.

19:45 With roughly 22% of the vote counted, the general consensus seems to be a swing against the ALP in regional marginal seats, but metro seats should keep it in power.

20:50 Looks like those predictions were right and we are heading for four more years of the Communist Shitstain. Disappointing to say the least.

21:25 Barnett gives his concession speech. A bit rambly. Let's hope next time he starts putting in appearances from now, rather than waiting four years for the next election to be called.

21:40 The Communist Shitbag is giving his speech. What a fucking joke - "Democracy is a great institution" - yeah - just like your hero Marx thought eh, you Communist Shitbag.

22:10: And it appears, as expected, the lies and bullshit of the No campaign for extended trading hours has gotten up.

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