Little Leftist Shitheads

As if we needed any more proof of the utter worthlessness of leftists, we get more in the form of the Sydney riots.

Essentially two little leftist shitheads stole a car and got involved in a high speed chase, and to the benefit of society, crashed and killed themselves.

All the little leftist shitheads' friends, being little leftist shitheads themselves, used it as an excuse to cause typical little leftist shithead damage and blaming the police for their mercifully dead little leftist shithead mates not being allowed to steal a car without consequence.

And the fact this is the third night of rioting shows that the state government is being too soft on the little leftist shitheads.

What the police should be doing is forming their line and charging the little leftist shitheads and beating each one they get so severely that they are physically unable to return the next night for more rioting.

But of course you can't expect a Labor government to come down hard on little leftist shitheads. After all, these little leftist shitheads are going to form the core of future Labor voters.

And isn't it amazing all the rhetoric and all the violence stemming from these little shitheads (It is all the police's fault, they incited it, they want to fight so we are gonna give it to them, this is revolution et al) is EXACTLY the same that we get from all the leftists that start riots at WTO, WEF meetings etc

Exactly the same, right down to their cowardice when they are actually met with force in return. I was lucky enough to see some news footage with a little leftist shithead on the ground with a German Shepherd attached to his leg and for a big, tough rioter who was all brave to throw things at police, he sure was crying like a little bitch "Oh my leg. My leg"

And I must say, the police around him were trying far too hard to detatch the dog from his leg. The police should have used that time to beat him some more until he truly learns not to be a little leftist shithead - or until they damage him enough so he is no longer able to be a little leftist shithead - I prefer the latter.

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