Of Hypocrisy and Occupation

It seems that the murder of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik al-Hariri has fueled feelings of nationalism among his countrymen and ill feelings directed towards Syria.
His killing in a massive bomb blast on Monday revived memories of the civil war and spotlighted Lebanon's troubled ties with Syria, which maintains about 14,000 troops in the country. The assassination has brought renewed international pressure for the Syrians to leave Lebanon in line with a United Nations Security Council resolution adopted last year.

While anti-Syria slogans were chanted by thousands who blamed Damascus for the bomb that killed Mr Hariri and 14 others on Monday, his eldest son, Bahaa, begged for the funeral not to become a political rally but to remain a solemn display of mourning.

What I find so interesting about this whole thing is while the Arab press focuses intently on the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land as well as the US occupation of Iraq, they have been eerily silent on the very real occupation of Lebanon by Syria. Nary do you hear a peep from neighbouring Arab governments either. Bloody hypocrites.

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