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My post on FN's Five seveN pistol has ended up dragging in another anti-weaponry person, who has some words to say about America's gun laws. Fortunately for me, I have a commenter far more familiar with the subject matter. and let's face it, in Australia, kiddies are far more likely to die by ANYTHING OTHER THAN guns. Somedays, I wonder when all the gun owners are going to prove a point against all the opposition. You know, the ones WITHOUT.

"You're welcome, Five-SeveN owner. Glad Brady could be of service to the families of America and refute the false claims of the NRA about the FiveSeveN. It never ceases to bemuse me how a gun nut will stop at nothing to get his hands on anything that shoots a live round, regardless of how many children have to die due to careless gun-loving adults. You should take a hard look at your organizations and how the gun manufacturers market to you. You're all so busy buying and shooting your arsenals you fail to see how many of your children are being injured and killed by your own guns.

If you had half a brain you would take a look at the geographical distribution of gun injury and death of kids ages 0-19 in the US. Ironic how the areas with the highest levels of gun ownership are also the areas with the highest number of kids being killed and injured by Daddy and Mommy's guns. You're great parents. You should thank the NRA for brainwashing you all to such a degree that you place the value of your guns over the lives of your children. I feel sorry for the kids of parents like you. When your children are injured or killed by your guns, I hope you'll thank the NRA."

Posted by: Randy | February 18, 2005 01:10 PM

"The "service" the Brady campaign provided was to point out, very publicly, the frailties of the vests that protect the men and women who protect our streets. I can't imagine being proud of that or being proud of trying to jeopardize those people to prove a (faulty) point.

I'm not going to waste my time disputing the rantings and blatherings of a Brady Bunch member, and it is truly ironic that you use the term "brainwashed" because they certainly seem to wash your skulls clean. I will however, for the benefit of those who don't live with this hypocrisy and rhetoric daily, explain a few things.

Children should be kept away from firearms. Anyone with a brain knows that so I don't need to go on about it. [Ed: This is like keeping kids away from stuff like running chainsaws, the bleach bottle, fire and your booze. Fucking patently obvious, except to the idiots]

Children also need to be kept away from choking hazards, poisonous chemicals, auto accidents, and burning buildings to name a few. In fact all of these things take far more children each year. Children are four times more likely to drown and twelve times more likely to die in an auto accident. Take a few minutes and peruse any set of unadulterated (not coming from HCI/Brady) statistics. You'll see the same numbers. In fact, your common sense will tell you that. You have far more cause for concern with that "happy meal" toy or the cleanser under the sink than the gun in the safe.

Brady has NOTHING to do with saving children, or protecting police officers - it has not a thing to do with anything but disarming law abiding citizens (because you can't disarm the criminals). If you don't like guns, don't buy them to make instructional videos about defeating police armor. Don't buy them for any reason. Don't hire people to carry them for you. And don't trouble yourself about mine - they're just fine locked safely away from little hands - and little minds.

If people like the Brady's made an effort to curb crime, to intervene in the lives of troubled youths on their way to being criminals, I might have an iota of respect for them. They don't - they have one and only one goal and that is disarming the law abiding public.So, proud Brady fan, you can choose to be an unarmed victim, and you can make that choice for your children. Mine will grow up knowing how to safely use firearms."
Posted by: Five-seveN owner | February 18, 2005 03:21 PM

And therein lies the point. Teaching your children about firearms versus keeping your child in the dark about them. Incidentally, has anyone else noticed a religion that wishes to remove all traces of life not conversant with their faith from the planet? Because, after we are gone, the people without the guns are gone too.

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