Australian Greens crush dissent. Ironic, don't you think?

In a move not unlike Hitler's generals (only hear what you want to hear), the Australian Greens have pulled their poll on the subject of Australian troops in Iraq. Pulled their poll, asi in, deleted from their site. It's not closed and archived. It's not moved to another area. It's GONE. G.O.N.E. No longer there. Vanished. Non-existent.

It's as if it NEVER HAPPENED. Which seems such a shame that I took all those screen shots. As of 8 o'clockish this morning, the poll was around the 79% in favour of sending the remainder of the ADF into Iraq. And there it finished. As predicted. Monday morning, the hippies come back to work, and stare in horrified fascination at the screen. 'NOOOOOOO! What's going on?' would have been the cry. That's not the expected result, particularly if you are a Brown Nettler. (New Australian bird variety, cousin to the cuckoo, difference being that it's prone to laying it's eggs on freeways)

So, to those intrepid button pushers, I give a hearty 'Huzzah!'. A blow for common-sense, in some small way. And right now, the weasley little fuckers are trawling the referrer logs, looking for the IP's and seeing if they can identify their opponents. Well, no point hiding the fact. I'M OVER HEEERRREEEE!

Fucking hippies. If anyone is interested or has more media clout than me, can someone let Andrew Bolt know what the 'dissent crushing' party did. I'm content to know that I helped piss off the Greens party.

UPDATE: Who's a lazy sod then? If I'd bothered to actually check that address, I probably wouldn't have gone off half-cocked. Still there's no mention of how to get to that page on the home page now, or via the poll result page. Click here or paste this into your address bar.

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