Gunmen kill Pakistan journalists

Two journalists were killed when gunmen opened fire on their vehicle in Pakistan's South Waziristan region. At least one other journalist was injured in Monday's attack in Wana. Dilawar Khan Wazir of the BBC's Urdu service was in the car but was unhurt.

Bullets were fired from a vehicle as the journalists drove past the hospital in Wana, the region's main town. They had been attending the signing of a peace agreement between the authorities and tribal fighters.

Our correspondent says one of the reporters who died worked for a local Pakistani station, Khyber TV. The man confirmed injured worked for the French news agency AFP. Other reports said a journalist with al-Jazeera television was also hurt.

The signing of the agreement they attended was with Mehsud tribesmen believed to have links with al-Qaeda and the Taleban militants. According to the agreement, the tribesmen will not support the militants or carry out attacks on government installations.

Militant leader Baitullah Mehsud, his face covered to prevent photographers, signed the agreement amid anti-American slogans from the tribesmen. However, the BBC's Haroon Rashid in Peshawar says the accord does not extend to all tribesmen.

Full Story, from BBC News

MathewK -

So where are all the critical forums and accusations that seems to be reserved for the US Army alone. Many were crowing that the press was being muzzled when al-Jazeera was tossed out of Iraq, besides I thought al-Jazeera and similar news agencies were supposed to be their favoured propaganda tools. They always seem to get the grainy tapes of hostages or bombs being planted, maybe now the news agencies will think twice about giving these militants the airtime they crave.

And whats with the 'anti-American' slogans, is peace not acceptable if its encouraged by the US? Do they think the peace agreement is some sort of top secret CIA plot to save them from bombs and bullets, why the conniving bastards, how dare they interfere in local matters to prevent a few deaths, the infidels!!!

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