No War protesters lose appeal

Two peace activists who painted an anti-war slogan on the Sydney Opera House today lost their appeal on their conviction and sentence. David Burgess, 34, and Will Saunders, 34, were sentenced to nine months periodic detention for malicious damage after they painted "No War" on the tallest sail of the Opera House on March 18, 2003, as Australia prepared to invade Iraq.

They were also ordered to pay $151,000 to the Opera House fund for its cleaning bill. The pair appealed on the ground on self defence, claiming they were defending the lives of those who would die in Iraq.

But the NSW Court of Criminal Appeal today rejected their argument saying it would be "outrageous" to claim an attacker could justify his actions "by raising self defence against an unrelated third party". "The common law has never countenanced such a concept, nor would I believe the community ever accept such a proposition as representing a just law," Acting Justice Peter Newman said.

Thanks to The Australian

MathewK -

This week is just getting better and better, earlier in the week, Tiberius (God bless his soul) brought us the wonderful news of the Greenpeace protestors getting their posteriors thoroughly thrashed. Now these two protestors have had their ludicrous claims tossed out of court, whats even better, is they have to pay in full for their buffoonery.

Both will go down in memory as one of those "It seemed like a good idea at the time.."

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