Kim Jong Il = Batshit Crazy

This can't be good.
"North Korea declared on Thursday for the first time that it possessed nuclear weapons and said it was suspending participation in six-way talks on dismantling its nuclear programs for an indefinite period."

By the way, while we are on nut cases with nukes, let's take a look at Kevin 'Loser Pixie' Rudd's comments on the 13th of December last year about UN programs and their managers.

"RUDD: I don't comment on intelligence related matters but I simply say this: if the Howard government is of the view that the current head of the IAEA isn't up to the job then they've got a responsibility to tell the Australian people and the international community why that is the case, what it's done wrong and what Mr Downer would offer better.

Also, just on that question, remember the head of the IAEA and the head of the weapons inspection mission to the UN, Hans Blix, expressed skepticism all along about stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction, unlike Mr Downer, unlike Mr Howard."

You lying sack of shit. I'd say that spiel he rattled off regards Iraq's WMD on 23 January 2003 in front of the UN Security Council was pretty damn specific about Iraq's weapon programmes, and the weapons of mass destruction that Iraq still possessed. And Rudd's opinion on North Korea?

"RUDD: Well North Korea remains still a time bomb as far as regional stability is concerned. We still don't have final confirmation yet of the resumption of the fixed party talks process that the Chinese have been hosting. I would hope in our meetings with Chinese foreign ministry officials in Beijing to provide absolute Australian support on both sides of politics in this country for the rapid resumption of the diplomatic negotiation process with Pyongyang so we have a peaceful solution in the Korean Peninsula. The alternative is too horrible to think about. Thanks very much."

Let's wait and see what Rudd in pixie land has to say about North Korea now. More non-specific waffle, and more hopes for 'something' to happen. Sooner or later, the ALP is going to have to say something about Kim Jong Il. Should be interesting to say the least.

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