When in doubt, abort or burn!

Brisbane Times - A Queensland judge has given a pregnant 12-year-old girl, who has the intellect of a six year old, permission to undergo a late-term abortion. In a landmark ruling, Queensland Supreme Court Justice Margaret Wilson ordered that doctors be allowed to terminate the girl's pregnancy because it was in her best interests. No details were given about the circumstances under which the girl conceived, nor about the father, except that he is believed to live in Queensland. ......

The court heard that because of the girl's age and mental capacity, neither she, nor her parents, were legally able to give consent for a termination and a court order was required before it could go ahead. ...... The girl's obstetrician told the court the girl had the intellectual capacity of a six-year-old. ...... Justice Wilson ordered doctors to use the drug Misoprostol to induce labour because at this stage in the pregnancy there was a high risk that other methods could seriously harm the girl.
Nothing in the article about the father, not sure if he is an adult or what, they don't seem all that keen on finding and punishing him, perhaps this sort of behavior is now acceptable too. The article doesn't go into the details of what'll happen after labour is induced, perhaps the baby's skull will be punctured and its brains sucked out or perhaps it'll just be left in a dark room somewhere to die off, Obama's preferred way. Yes I know, that's a cheap shot, but that's how he voted, 3 or was that 4 times.

Heaven forbid the judiciary and the doctors 'caring' for this child were to try and save both lives, no way, that's just not possible, the unborn must be knocked off, far better to be knocked off than be unwanted by some I guess. While I was reading the article, I couldn't help but think, I'm sure there's a leftist somewhere out there wondering why this 12-year old was even allowed to live. It's ironic that the very people suddenly yearning for her best interests now would have knocked her off in the womb without batting an eyelid if they knew she would be this way.

In other news, we see more of that famous tolerance and peace we're so used to from the followers of the religion of peace, love, tolerance and understanding.
Daily Mail - The boss [Martin Rynja] of a publishing company that is to release a novel about the private life of the Prophet Mohammed was under police guard last night after a fire-bomb attack on his £4million London home. The book, The Jewel Of Medina, is a fictional account of the Prophet’s relationship with his nine-year-old bride Aisha but has been described as ‘pornographic’. ...... The Random House blurb for the book read: ‘Married at nine to the much older Muhammad, Aisha uses her wits, courage and sword to defend her first-wife status even as Muhammad marries again and again, taking 12 wives and concubines in all.’
But here's the thing, I'm not entirely sure that the fellow is scathing of Mo or Islam, perhaps someone ought to run the following past the young firebrands who were enthusiastically redecorating the fellow's home.
Random House pulled out after Texas university Professor Denise Spellberg decided to ‘warn Muslims’. She said: ‘You can’t play with a sacred history and turn it into soft-core pornography.’ But Mr Rynja seemed unconcerned about a reaction like the fatwa issued against Mr Rushdie, calling on Muslims to kill him. He said this month: ‘If a novel of quality that casts light on a beautiful subject we know too little of in the West cannot be published here, it would mean the clock has been turned back to the Dark Ages.’
A sacred history, beautiful subject? Can we get Professor Spellberg to take on all those 'artists' denigrating Christianity, what about the authors of the Da Vinci Code? Or as I suspect, are some Sacred history's more equal? Is Rynja talking about Aisha here or something most of us consider to be simply unlawful, depraved, sick etc? I don't know Abdul and Jihad Joe, with more and more infidels waking up to the smell of your potent brew, don't you think you need all the useful idiots you can get.

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