Leave the children alone! Updated

Times Online - Sex education should be compulsory for primary-school pupils, a cross-party group of MPs says today. The group is urging the Government to make lessons on sexual health and relationships mandatory for young children, the intention being to reduce Britain’s high rates of teenage pregnancy, abortion and sexually transmitted disease. ...... Under current regulations, children must be taught the biological facts of human reproduction, but there is no statutory requirement for schools to teach the social and emotional context of sexual behaviour.

Times Online - The country’s biggest sexual health charity has published a sex education pamphlet for six-year-olds to encourage earlier discussion of the facts of life. The 12-page comic-style booklet, which will be distributed to schools, asks children to identify the physical differences between boys and girls and name their body parts properly. One puzzle asks children to draw a line from the words “vagina” and “testicles” to the correct areas of a picture of a naked girl and boy. ...... But critics say that sex education has not worked and that a new approach that focuses on values rather than biology is required. “Where has the last 20 years of propagating value-free sex education got us? The FPA seem to think that by doing the same thing with younger and younger children they are going to get a different result. Actually they are going to reap the whirlwind,” said Trevor Stammers, a GP and trustee of the Family Education Trust.
Perhaps the last 20 years of values-free sex and the constant yearning of these types to push sex at every opportunity onto toddlers, and perhaps babies next, is what led to this. You know how mothers walking around with children will automatically tighten their grip on their children's hands when they come across some seedy look individual. Perhaps they need to so the same when someone from the state's education department comes around yearning to 'educate' your children.

Update - While these questionable characters are passionately pushing to 'educate' toddlers all about sex, since humanity is teetering on the very edge due to our sexually ignorant toddlers, let's see the splendid job they are doing at the other basics, that old fashioned wiffle-waffle called spelling and writing.
Daily Mail - One in seven children can't write their own name and struggle with simple spelling after a year at primary school, according to official figures. Progress assessments of five-year-olds showed a staggering 14 per cent have problems writing a simple shopping list while one in ten had trouble reciting the alphabet. The results, published by the Department for Children, Schools and Families are based on teacher observations of children in England after a year of primary school.
The above is after they spent £12 Billion on nursery education, naturally the relevant clown masquerading as the minister responsible insists more must be done. Meaning more good money will be wasted, a billion here, a billion there, why would she care, it's just the taxpayers money I suppose. And in case you thought the leftists running the joint were helping the poor, as they so passionately claim to do so, think again.
And five-year-olds in the poorest areas of the country are still lagging behind their peers from more affluent areas. ...... Among five-year-olds in the most deprived 30 per cent of areas in the country, only 38 per cent achieved a good level development. This compares to children who live in more affluent areas at 54 per cent, a gap of 16 per cent.
I guess, now we know where their priorities lie, you best gets yours straightened out. Resist their sexualizing of your toddlers as best you can and make sure your children are never alone with these characters alright, just in case.

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