The great mystery before us!

Daily Mail - Thousands of Britons leave our shores every year for a new life abroad, official figures show. But although 75,000 'white British' men and women are moving away, the population is still rising because of an influx of ethnic minority groups. According to Government estimates, the established white population of England dropped by nearly 250,000 between 2002 and 2006. ...... The white British population went down by 70,400 over the year through emigration. And the white Irish population fell by 4,600 because of emigration, bringing the total decline in the existing white population to 75,000.

MK - One of life's great mysteries folks, do you know why so many are leaving? I'm really scratching my head here folks! But before some fool proposes some fancy study costing millions to find out why, may I humbly and freely offer the following as perhaps a snapshot of the reasons why so many Brits are abandoning ship.

Daily Mail - With his white hair, wax jacket and glasses, 78-year-old Philip Clarkson Webb clearly ticked all the boxes any eagle-eyed policemen would mark as 'danger'. And as he shuffled along the pavement towards them there was one thing above all they deemed to pose a threat - his walking stick. The officers surrounded the retired classics teacher and informed him the 3ft wooden cane was an 'offensive weapon' and had to be confiscated.

Daily Mail - Taxpayers in southern England are paying £2,000 a year each more than they get back from the state in the value of public services. The finding comes from an economic think tank which says that the South is subsidising public spending in the rest of the UK by almost £40billion a year. It will continue to prop up the rest of the country even as the credit crunch saps the earning power of the City.

Daily Mail - Police are investigating the eBay auction of a digital camera said to have contained MI6 images of terror suspects. Suspects' faces, names and fingerprints, as well as snaps of rocket launchers and missiles, were discovered by an online bidder who bought the camera for £17, it was reported.

Daily Mail - A millionaire banker has been beaten to death after intervening to save a couple being assaulted by a mob. Frank McGarahan, 45, was out with relatives the night before his niece's christening when he saw the pair being attacked near a taxi rank. But as he shouted at the gang of ten men to stop, they turned on him. In the fracas, he suffered a serious head injury.

Daily Mail - A boss who suspected a worker of theft decided to make an example of him - and throw political correctness out of the window at the same time. Simon Cremer and three of his employees allegedly wrestled Mark Gilbert to the ground, tied his hands behind his back and bundled him into a van. They then drove him to the town centre where he was made to wear a sign naming him as a thief. He was paraded in front of startled shoppers before being frogmarched 350 yards to the police station, where he was arrested on suspicion of theft. ...... But the stunt backfired on the accusers after they were arrested on a range of charges, including false imprisonment.

MK - I got all the above news stories from just today's Daily Mail front page, in all honesty if I were to go through my archives, I'd still be posting them tomorrow morning. Anyway you make up your own mind as to why so many are deserting their homeland.

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