Leftist hacks into Palin's email account

LiveNews - The hacker who infiltrated Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin's email account has reportedly been revealed to be the son of a Democratic state politician. Democratic state representative for Tennessee, Mike Kernell, admitted his 20-year-old son, David Kernell, was suspected of breaking into the email account and spreading its contents across the internet. Mike Kernell refused to comment on whether his son, a student at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville, had been contacted by police investigators over the matter. "I can't say. That doesn't mean he has or hasn't," Mr Kernell told the KNoxville News Sentinel.
Is that for real, a Democrats' son playing dirty, no way, can't be, say it ain't so, shocking! While I'm on the subject of leftists, it seem the Palin derangement is certainly burning strong as ever out here. The sneering, angry elitism is layered out real thick folks.
LiveNews, Tim Brunero - She’s pretty, she’s bright, and she’s a woman. She’s got a soap opera for a family – an unmarried teenage daughter who’s up the duff to the local yokel, a soldier son who’s about to ship out to Iraq, a Down Syndrome baby, a husband who’s a devout unionist and a gaggle of other redneck offspring. ...... In fact, it’s only when you scratch the surface that you start to see the ugliness and retardation of the woman and her political views. Make no mistake, Sarah Palin is on the extreme of the religious right.

This born-again Christian once campaigned to get abortions banned from her local hospital. This is a woman who actually believes in Creationism. She actually believes the world is 6000 years old. This is a woman who believes in the end of days. In fact, she is quoted on blog sites in the US as saying she thinks she will see the return on the Messiah in her lifetime. ...... The novelty to Sarah Palin won’t last. God help us all if it does.
That Palin tried to ban abortions from her hospital, can you believe it, so many who would have been allowed to live, the horror, the fascism, brutality, where is the freedom! First she is pretty and bright, then she's ugly and retarded and I can only assume that 'up the duff' is not a compliment. It must be the hate that blinds him, because while he is busy shoveling all the scorn and contempt he can muster upon Palin for her Christian beliefs, he inadvertently calls upon God to help us all. Yeah, I'm scratching my head over it too.

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