Surge worked - Al-Qaeda confirms

FOX News - U.S. General David Perkins told FOX News Wednesday that the military has intercepted a letter in which senior Al Qaeda operatives reveal their fury over militants' failure to keep up with the campaign against U.S.-led forces in Iraq. The letter, dated March 6, 2008, has been reproduced with select quotes in English. ...... The letter blasts Al Qaeda in Iraq for failing to maintain communication and for poorly-planned attacks. Al Qaeda leaders also slam operatives for sending fighters into battle alone, without direction. Al-Zawahiri also criticizes them for posting videos online using archive footage of violent attacks, yet presenting them as new evidence of their success. The letter reads, "[Aby Ayyub al-Masri]... is not strong enough to bear this great great responsibility, and is weak at [...] decision making. He is weak [...] he is totally isolated [..] this is affecting his grip on reality."
When you think about it, what that scumbag Al-Zawahiri said about reality and decision making, he could be describing the behavior of the left on Sarah Palin's nomination! Think about it, for a while McCain was catching it from everyone and then he brought Palin into the campaign, sort of like a surge. The Republican base was then energized, like the Anbar awakening. And the left just went berserk, we see now that their attacks on Palin were poorly-planned and so bit them in the ass. Their communication despite their best efforts, came across to middle America as contemptuous, hypocritical and elitist, so much for 'working families'.

The leftie nutroots photo shopped and smeared Palin as best they could and the MSM tried to report it as fact, and got exposed. The left have realized now that Obama is not strong enough to bear the great responsibility, you all saw him without his teleprompter, he was a like fighter, alone, without direction, a joke. I was reading recently that Hillary sweetly pledged to help Obama's campaign, just that she was real busy for the next few weeks, that's what you call 'isolated'. And his latest gaffe, calling Sarah Palin a pig, or was it stinking old fish. Good grief, the man is losing his grip on reality now!

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