We need to cling to guns and religion!

News.com.au - QUEENSLAND shopkeepers are demanding the right to arm themselves with clubs, Tasers and capsicum spray to fight back against violent robbers. Fed up with being used as a ready source of cash for criminals, business owners want the law changed so they can guard their shops against thugs without fear of being charged. Attacks against defenceless shopkeepers have become more violent, including the recent stabbing of a Brisbane shop assistant.
Well these folks certainly have my support, they are basically sitting ducks in their shops; it would have been nice if people had the brains to learn from others mistakes and never have given up their guns in the first place. It's highly unlikely that they'll be allowed to arm themselves though, because if they are, then people on deserted properties and far away from the authorities that fail us every day will then have a case and rightly so.

I know the gun grabbers and nanny state totalitarians wouldn't accept this, I suppose they'd rather them shopkeepers were bashed and knifed than see the same happen to a criminal. But screw you, these are people who have the right to stay alive, work and pursue their dreams as best they can. Not allowing them to arm themselves when you have neither the ability nor the will to protect them is an infringement of their basic human rights. In other news.
News.com.au - THREE boys aged six ran a sex club at a Brisbane state school demanding and receiving sexual favours from Year 2 classmates. One outraged father claimed yesterday the school did not bother to tell him for more than a week that his son was involved. He spoke out as similar stories emerged at state schools on the Gold and Sunshine coasts and Cairns, which indicate the sexual abuse of young students by other school children appears rampant. "The teachers didn't make contact for six days.

They sent me an email and said, 'Sorry, we've been busy'. His revelations came as uproar was sparked by yesterday's Courier-Mail story, which told how the sexual assault of a seven-year-old girl by a young classmate was dismissed as a "childhood experiment" by a country school principal. The Courier-Mail revealed how the young victim was forced to perform oral sex on the boy who had threatened her with violence. The principal was still working at the school yesterday despite demands from parents and child welfare groups that she resign.

Meanwhile, on the Sunshine Coast, a gang of nine-year-old boys has been accused of "grooming" children as young as five to engage in sex acts. Investigators were told victims were rewarded with lollies. A grandmother of one of those victims said the Education Department had promised an investigation but it had come to nothing. ...... She said a little girl molested by boys more than 12 months ago at the same school was still traumatised and experiencing nightmares.
I'm not so sure on this one. Apart from the fact that our state education is run by leftists, which explains the incompetence, indifference and stupidity on the part of the state, but it doesn't explain why children are doing this. Perhaps this is the consequence of an ever increasing morally loose society. For one, our nations leaders are regularly getting caught with their pants down, literally and figuratively. We as a nation don't seem all that perturbed by all sorts of sexual deviancy, apparently it's all good as long as it's consenting adults. I remember attending a function a while ago and I was quite taken aback by all the sex jokes and innuendo that was being thrown around. So are the impressionable children picking up on this? Are we partly to blame?

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