Leftist British Government Chooses Hitler-Loving Abortion Movement Pioneer for Stamps

LifeSiteNews [Hat tip The Midnight Sun] - Marie Stopes, the notorious early 20th century contraception campaigner, eugenicist and anti-Semite, did for Britain what Margaret Sanger did for the US: preached the doctrines of eugenics and promoted contraception and sterilisation to achieve "racial hygiene." So successful was she at altering British society in favour of her eugenics doctrines, the British government has chosen her to be included in a "Women of Distinction" line of stamps. The Royal Mail announced this weekend that the face of Marie Stopes, who advocated the sterilisation of poor women to promote the "welfare of the race", will feature on the 50p stamp. The stamps will be available beginning 14 October 2008.

Born in 1880, Stopes was a paleobotanist by education, but it is her legacy as a promoter of eugenics, Nazi racial theories, mandatory sterilisation for poor people and artificial contraception - what the Royal Mail calls "family planning" - for which she is best remembered. Marie Stopes International is a major engine of the world's abortion and population control movement, with nearly 500 centres in 38 countries. In 1921, Stopes opened Britain's first "family planning" clinic, offering artificial contraception to married women of the lower classes in an attempt to control the population of the poor, whom she considered to be polluting the race. Reflecting the racist message of the eugenics philosophy, her birth-control organisation was called the Society for Constructive Birth Control and Racial Progress.

Her 1921 slogan, echoed by the modern abortion movement, was, "Joyful and Deliberate Motherhood, A Safe Light in our Racial Darkness." In 1930, other such organisations joined to form the National Birth Control Council, later the Family Planning Association, which remains one of the most powerful voices of the abortion lobby to this day. The BBC biography noted that Stopes spent the last years of her life writing poetry. The BBC declined to mention, however, that in August 1939, just a month before Britain went to war with Nazi Germany, she sent a collection of these to Adolph Hitler, accompanied by a note reading, "Dear Herr Hitler, Love is the greatest thing in the world: so will you accept from me these (poems) that you may allow the young people of your nation to have them?"

In 1935 Stopes attended the International Congress for Population Science in Berlin, sponsored by the Nazi regime. In her 1920 book "Radiant Motherhood" Stopes called for the "sterilisation of those totally unfit for parenthood (to) be made an immediate possibility, indeed made compulsory." She also heavily criticised the abolition of child labour for the lower classes.

Wikipedia - Stopes even cut her son Harry out of her will after he married a near-sighted woman - Mary Eyre Wallis, later Mary Stopes-Roe, the daughter of the noted engineer Barnes Wallis. Stopes wrote: "She has an inherited disease of the eyes which not only makes her wear hideous glasses so that it is horrid to look at her, but the awful curse will carry on and I have the horror of our line being so contaminated and little children with the misery of glasses ... Mary and Harry are quite callous about both the wrong to their children, the wrong to my family and the eugenic crime." She also had Harry wearing a skirt when he was a boy as she did not believe in the "ugly and heating-in-the-wrong-places garments which most men are condemned to wear" and for the same reason forbade Harry to ride a bicycle. Harry wearing a skirt was noted by Barnes Wallis in 1935 when Harry was eleven.

Gerald Warner [UK Telegraph] - Not that Stopes wanted the working class to stop having children altogether. On the contrary, she was also a supporter of child labour: "Not many years ago the labourer's child could be set to work early and could very shortly earn his keep... The trend of legislation has continuously extended the age of irresponsible youth in the lower and lower middle classes"... In 1926 Stopes stipulated that the boy she would adopt as a companion for her son would be "completely healthy, intelligent and uncircumcised". In 1935 she was present at the International Congress for Population Science in Berlin, held under the auspices of the Third Reich. On her death she bequeathed her clinic and much of her fortune to the Eugenics Society.

Godless, morally bankrupt, evil, racist, human hating ...... You decide.

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