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LifeNews - A Massachusetts man will likely be headed to prison after police apprehended him following a violent assault on his girlfriend. Joshua W. Figler, 24, is accused of slamming his 20-year-old girlfriend's head into a refrigerator after she refused his demand to get an abortion. ...... According to the Berkshire Eagle newspaper, Pittsfield police officer Cheryl Belknap indicated Figler learned about the woman's pregnancy on Saturday and did not want her to keep the baby.

"(She) wants to keep the baby and refuses to get an abortion," said Belknap. The officer indicated Figler became "more frustrated and aggressive" after learning about the pregnancy. She told the newspaper Figler pushed the woman off their bed on Monday night, and then Figler grabbed the woman by the hair and slammed her head into the appliance twice on Wednesday morning.

LifeNews - After nearly a year of soliciting signatures as part of a campaign for global “safe abortion,” Marie Stopes International has little to show for it. Less than 500 people have signed an online petition which calls for “full access to legal, voluntary, safe and affordable abortions as part of comprehensive sexual and reproductive health care” around the world.

The campaign, which was co-sponsored by the pro-abortion groups Ipas and the UK-based group Abortion Rights, was launched at the International Global Safe Abortion Conference that took place in October 2007 in London, an event that was held in conjunction with the UN and UNICEF sponsored Women Deliver conference. Both the conference and the campaign seek to bolster international commitment to abortion and call “for women’s access to legal, safe abortion to be recognized as a fundamental human right.”

A detailed look at the list of campaign supporters reveal that nearly 20% of the signatures are from employees of the three sponsoring organizations. Of the 498 signatures on the campaign web site, 77 are from Marie Stopes employees, 16 from Ipas employees and 3 from those who work at Abortion Rights.

MK - Seems to me, the only choice they approve of is the one where the unborn are never allowed to be born.

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